Why do butterflies have dandruff

Butterfly wings are much more sensitive than the wings of flies. Butterfly wings are covered with scales on the top and bottom, which give the very thin skins the right stability so that the butterflies can also fly. You can see what these scales look like and how they are attached in the following pictures.
1. This is the left fore wing of a deceased peacock butterfly, as you can see it without a magnifying glass.
2. You can already see a very fine striped pattern through an 8x magnifying glass. These are the scales arranged in rows
3. At about 25x magnification, the scales can already be clearly seen and you can see that they are arranged like roof tiles on top of each other and have different colors.
4. In order to see the actual shape of these scales, however, you have to enlarge them even more. The white stripe with the word hair is as wide as a scalp hair would be with the same magnification.
5. And this is what a single scale looks like, made of almost the same material (chitin) as our hair. The scales are therefore also referred to as special forms of hair.
That such a scale is not simply a smooth plate, but has a structure on the surface, can already be seen at this magnification from the fine stripes at the top left.

The next two pictures show you why you shouldn't touch the wings.

6. Each scale is only stuck with a small pin in a tiny sleeve that is attached to the wing skin (right picture). When the wings are touched, the pins slide out of the sleeves and the scales fall off.
7. The wings lose their stability and the weight distribution is no longer balanced.
After that, the butterfly is no longer fully capable of flight and has to starve to death.