Which key only moves when it is fully pressed?

Take screenshots and add annotations in Windows 10

Sometimes when you want to copy something, it can be easiest to take a screenshot of the screen. You can already record your screen using the Print button on your keyboard by now pressing the Windows logo key + SHIFT + s Press to open the new modern snapshot experience (also known as the "cutting bar"), then drag over the area you want to capture.

Below are some general ways to take screenshots in Snip & Sketch on Windows 10 and comment on them.

Take a screenshot

Option 1: Use the Snip & Sketch app

  • Press the button begin , and enter Snip & sketch in the search field.

  • Press the button New to start with the cutting bar.

You can use the cut-out bar to capture the following types of cut-outs:

  • Rectangular cutout. Drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle.

  • Free cutting. You draw a free shape around an object.

  • Cut out full screen. Record the entire screen.

If you cut out an area of ​​your screen, the cropped image will be placed on your clipboard and you can paste it directly into another app. You can also use the Snip & Sketch app to comment, save, or share them with an on-screen prompt.

Option 2: with the "Print" button

While the print key already captures the full screen mode and sends it to your clipboard, opening the snapshot bar offers additional tools that you can use for precise cutting. If you want more control over the screen recording options, you can open the Print button instead of the Windows logo key + Shift + S to enter.

If you want to activate the keyboard shortcut "New Snapshot Feature", select begin > Settings > Ease of use> keyboard out.

Option 3: with the Windows logo key + SHIFT + S key combination

  • The cutting bar can be started at any time by pressing the S key + Windows logo key + SHIFT key.

Annotate sections with "Cut and Sketch"

Open images for editing with Snip & Sketch

To open an image from Snip & Sketch, select open file or drag a picture from apps like File Explorer or Photos into the Clipping & Sketch.

Annotate images with Snip & Sketch

Snip & Sketch offers a few tools for annotating images, namely pen, pencil, and highlighter. Once you've clicked a tool to select it, you can click it again to change its color or thickness.

The tools work better with a pen, but can also be used with the mouse or by touch if you select the icon for the Write by touch button.

Additional tools

  • Use the Eraser tool to remove specific strokes, or double-click to turn on the Completely Erase Ink option.

  • Use the ruler or protractor tools and draw straight lines or arcs.

  • Press the "Ruler" or "Protractor" button again to hide the ruler or protractor.

  • Adjust or rotate the ruler or protractor using two-finger touch gestures (if the “Write by touch” button is enabled) or the mouse wheel.

  • Use the Crop tool to crop the annotated picture.

  • To undo the cropping, select the cropping tool again and press Cancel to restore all of the original area of ​​the image.

Pan the view

Some of the images you are commenting on might be larger than the size of the Snip & Sketch window. The view can not only be swiveled using the scroll bars, but also by touch input (if the "Write by touch" button is not activated and is not selected) or by dragging the mouse button while holding down the CTRL key.


Enlarge and reduce screenshots so that they are easier to identify with the help of the magnifying glass icon. You can also zoom in and out on screenshots by holding down the CTRL key and tapping the + or - keys.

Share and save sections

Snip & Sketch copies the annotated snip to your clipboard when you open it and every time you make changes. With Snip & Sketch you can save the annotated image to a file, share it or open it with another APP or print it on paper or in a PDF file.

Using the keyboard in Snip & Sketch

While the annotations are best done using a pen or mouse snip, & Sketch has many keyboard shortcuts that you can use. Access keys are activated when you hold down the Alt key.

Keyboard shortcuts used in Cut And Sketch

Keyboard shortcut



Create a new section


Open a file

SHIFT + arrow keys

Move the cursor to select a rectangular clipping area.


Select an eraser


Print annotation


Undo the annotation