Methods of treating bamboo

Bamboo X-treme is a compacted, thermally treated bamboo. Since it is robust and dimensionally stable, it can be used particularly well outdoors. Hannes Bäuerle

I The fast-growing material bamboo has been in use for some time as an attractive alternative to slow-growing tropical woods. Thanks to a thermo-density process, which the company Moso has patented for the material bamboo worldwide, Bamboo X-treme even exceeds the durability class of Bangkirai. The process is based on two methods that are combined in a new way: First, the bamboo strips are modified at a temperature of approx. 200 ° C. The same method is used, for example, to thermally treat ash. The strips are then pressed in a special process and thus compacted.

Due to the biochemical reactions during the interaction of heat and pressure, the use of fungicides, pesticides or coatings with varnishes and glazes can be completely dispensed with. The originally dark brown surface takes on a typical weather-related gray shade over time. The decking is available untreated or pre-oiled at the factory. The 1850 mm long boards are offered with a tongue and groove connection. You can choose between a corrugated profile and a smooth surface. The boards are easy to attach using a clip connection.

Bamboo X-treme offers other formats for use as a privacy screen element, facade cladding or for outdoor furniture parts. The outdoor collection fulfills fire protection class B-s1-d0 according to EN13501–1 and thus the requirements for processing in public buildings. I.

Product data

Material portrait no.95

Product name: Moso Bamboo X-treme

Material: bamboo that is thermally treated and then compacted

Use: exterior boards

Special feature: alternative to tropical wood, patented thermo-density process for more hardness, dimensional stability and durability

Processing: The tongue and groove connection enables "endless" laying.

Dimensions: 1850 x 137/155/178 x 20 mm

Moso International BV

1689 ZW Zwaag, Holland

The author

Hannes Bäuerle is an interior designer and managing director of the materials agency Raumprobe. In BM he regularly presents materials that seem remarkable to him.

BM online 04 | 2016


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