How do I start my creative essay

As with many other creative processes, certain idea generation methods are very helpful. These include the classic Brainstorming, clustering and creating a Mind map. You have probably already done a lot of it yourself in class. There are now many other methods of promoting creativity, for example brainwriting, which only works in groups. Here, ideas are recorded in writing by each group member, passed on and further developed and discussed at the end. These are all methods to broaden your creative horizons and to collect ideas.

Usually, however, there is a problem at the beginning: How do I even start my text? There is really only one answer here: Just start typing! Especially if it is a free text in which you express your own point of view, opinion or fantasy, it makes sense to write down everything you can think of. This is a start and every sentence and word can be revised. It is important to get into the writing flow at all. That's why it doesn't matter if you warm up to something else before you start your essay that you have to write for class. By the way: Writing a diary is a very helpful exercise for creative writing. Your own thoughts, fears, wishes and dreams can be freely formulated as you want, there are no inhibitions, because it does not make it to the public. Many blog authors and online magazine operators also practice the creative writing process by simply write about the things in the world that interest you or affect you personally.