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Barnabas Day: When is Barnabas Day? Date and meaning

Saint Barnabas was one of the apostles of early Christianity, but was not one of the twelve apostles who followed Jesus of Nazareth and were among his closest confidants. He is venerated as the Cypriot national saint and his tomb and the associated St. Barnabas Monastery, which is north of the ancient city of Salamis, can be visited in Cyprus.

When is Barnabas Day celebrated in honor of the apostle? Read more about the date and meaning here in this article.

Date: When does Barnabas Day take place?

The day of remembrance in honor of Saint St. Barnabas will be every year on June 11th committed by Catholic, Evangelical, Anglican and Orthodox Christians. It is a so-called "Obligatory Day of Remembrance", which in the hierarchy of the general Roman calendar of the Catholic Church is a celebration of low rank. The high festivals (e.g. Easter) represent the highest rank, followed by the festivities (White Sunday). Required and non-mandatory holidays form the two lower ranks in the general calendar of the Catholic Church.

International Barnabas Day: What is the Meaning?

Saint Barnabas is the patron saint of cooper, cooper and weaver and is also the patron saint of Florence, Milan and LogroƱo. According to the Acts of the Apostles of Luke, the name Barnabas is said to mean "son of consolation". He is also said to have been a member of the early church in Jerusalem and, above all, to have been a missionary in Antioch. Barnabas was one of the leading early Christian missionaries and is said to have carried out a missionary trip with Paul through Cyprus and southern Asia Minor.

Saint Barnabas is said to have died a martyr in Cyprus in 61 and is considered a national saint there. Despite his status as an apostle and his extensive missionary work, hardly any churches and monasteries are named after him today. This could be due to the fact that Barnabas is overshadowed in the New Testament by Paul, who is considered the most successful missionary of the Christian faith.

The St. Barnabas Monastery in Cyprus

Legend has it that in 477 the Archbishop of Cyprus Anthemios had a nocturnal vision in which the tomb of St. Barnabas was revealed to him. His remains and a handwritten Gospel of Matthew are said to have been found at this place, after which the St. Barnabas Monastery was built. In 1756 the monastery church was added by Archbishop Philotheos. Until 1976, three monks were still active in the monastery, before the complex was finally turned into two museums.

The monastery church is now used as an icon museum, while the surrounding monastery buildings serve as an archaeological museum. Among other things, artifacts and ceramics from Enkomi and Salamis, which can be classified between around 7000 to 1000 BC, are exhibited. Other objects from the region can be found in the Cyprus Museum and the British Museum in London.


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