Why are tuna sandwiches considered healthy snacks

Tuna sandwich - super healthy and easy

Why am I writing sandwich now? Is that Chinese food too? It's not from China, but it's a little bit changed in China. In China, people eat a lighter sandwich! That's why today I remember the tuna sandwich, which I bought very often in Beijing at 7-11.

Do the Chinese even eat bread?

Yes! But the definition of bread is different in China.Bread and baked goods in China are mostly very soft and sweet. There is something not sweet bun though.

The Chinese think that one should not only eat bread and sausages without vegetables. It's not balanced. We should eat vegetables and carbohydrates at every meal. Mostly the cheese is sweet in China, meat is not so healthy (even sooo little sausage, it's not worth it) Then comes fish, very healthy and not too greasy. Goes well with the toast!

Tuna sandwich is very popular in China. Especially for people who take great care of their figure. The filling from the original recipe is with mayonnaise, pickled cucumber, boiled eggs, or tuna mixed with potatoes. (You have to know, the Chinese didn't know that there was so much mayonnaise in there 😈)
AAAbout mayo is not healthy for me! Today I do differently! A little creative! Super easy and delicious! πŸ˜›

Tuna Sandwich Recipe
Ingredients: (1 serving)

50g tuna in olive oil
3 slices of toast
1 teaspoon cream cheese (herbs or original)
ΒΌ teaspoon salt
Β½ teaspoon pepper
20g fresh bell pepper, cucumber, lettuce (1 or all 3 kinds)


1. Wash and dry fresh vegetables and lettuce, cut into small strips or pieces.
2. Take tuna out of the can, the less oil the better. Pour into a small bowl. Mix together with salt, pepper and cream cheese.
3. Toast the toasts, place on a plate. First the tuna mixture, then the salad and vegetables on top.
4. You can cover the whole thing with the other toast, or just eat like that. I like 3 toasts. Put 2 together, 1 like eating.

Hmmm ... now we have a very, very healthy and delicious breakfast! A nice day can begin!






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