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Apps / software iTunes alternatives - These programs are there


iTunes isn't everyone's favorite program when it comes to music. Are you looking for an equivalent replacement for Apple's media management software? There are a number of iTunes alternatives, especially for Windows users.We show you a small overview here and of course we don't leave Mac users out either:

CopyTrans Manager (Windows)

The CopyTrans Manager is probably one of the most popular iTunes alternatives. The use should be less complicated than iTunes, but the manager is also equipped with fewer functions. Before using it for the first time, you need to install the CopyTrans Control Center. This not only contains the music manager, but also other tools for photos, contacts or calendars (which must be installed separately). If the Control Center is open on your computer, another installation of the CopyTrans Manager follows. But then you can start with the uncomplicated synchronization of your music. It is also possible to create a backup with this program. In this guide we will explain to you how you can use the CopyTrans to download music to your iPhone without iTunes.

MediaMonkey (Windows)

The freeware MediaMonkey is a popular iTunes replacement for Windows users. It is structured in a similar way to iTunes, but has a few additional features. With MediaMonkey, for example, in contrast to iTunes, multiple tracks can be deleted with just one click. The appearance of the software can be customized with different skins and it is also possible to create automatic playlists here.

AnyTrans (Mac / Windows)

AnyTrans looks very similar to iTunes, but works without a link to the Apple program. It offers a wide range of functions for media management, but also, for example, synchronization with iCloud. This program is also available for Mac compared to the two previous programs. Unfortunately, full use is only possible by purchasing the full version (€ 39.99).


WinX MediaTrans (Mac / Windows)

With WinX Media Trans not only music, but also books and other media can be transmitted directly. You can even use iOS devices as a USB stick and save different file types there. The program is characterized by a very fast installation and fast data transfer. Unfortunately, the full version of this program is not free either (€ 26.95 / year)