Why do diplomats usually drive Mercedes cars?

Not punished! | 4 insane crimes
of diplomats

The case caused anger and outrage: A diplomat from Saudi Arabia (50) stood on Tuesday evening in Berlin with his Porsche on a bike path, which was absolutely prohibited, and abruptly ripped open the door. Cyclist Michael E. (55) crashed into the door and died of his head injuries in the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

The Porsche driver does not have to fear any legal consequences. He enjoys diplomatic immunity. What diplomats can afford - BILD describes four cases.

Cars rammed

When pulling out of a parking space in front of a Berlin restaurant, an employee (48) of the South Korean embassy rammed two cars in October 2011.

He backed up, rumbled through a hedge, hit two other cars, a scooter and a motorcycle. The Hyundai finally came to a stop 60 meters further on. The Korean had obviously had a good cup of tea. The gunman came to the hospital in shock.

Wild fishing

When game fishing on the Berlin Havel was in January 2012
Ambassador Si Hon Ri from North Korea caught. He could not show a fishing license to the Berlin water police.

According to the police report, the North Korean "smiled benevolently" when he heard the reference to fish poaching - and continued. Black fish are usually fined 200 euros.

Suff ride

The police noticed Nikolai A. (47), Bulgarian ambassador, in September 2004 because he was driving in a serpentine line through Berlin. After a long chase, the Mercedes E-Class was stopped and an officer pulled out the ignition key.

But the Bulgarian just drove on with the spare key and rammed a policeman. Bulgaria was all embarrassed, it withdrew the ambassador from Berlin.

The German embassy scandal

A German teacher with diplomatic status killed two radio technology students (both 17) on a zebra crossing in Moscow in November 2008. Benjamin H. was 50 km / h faster than allowed in his Porsche Cayenne.

He left for Germany, after protests from Russia he received a penalty order from the public prosecutor's office in M√ľnster (North Rhine-Westphalia) for a year on probation, 5,000 euros and a month's driving license revocation. In Russia, the teacher threatened 15 years in prison.

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