What does the Esso logo mean


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The Standard Oil Company was divided into several independent companies in 1911 as a result of a new Antitrust Act (Sherman Act). The Rockefeller family that founded the company kept the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Jersey Standard), the other companies now traded as Standard Oil Company of California (Socal, later Chevron), Standard Oil Company of New York ( Socony, Socony-Vacuum, later Mobil), Standard Oil Company of Indiana (Soco, later Amoco), Standard Oil Company of Ohio (Sohio), and Continental Oil Company (Conoco).

The trademark Standard Oil was then no longer allowed to be used in many states by the former parent company Jersey Standard, and in fact wherever there were competing Standard Oil companies. The company sold its gasoline there under names like Aladdin, Astral, Carter, Colonial, Enco, Enjay, Gaseteria Bonded, Humble, Oklahoma, Pate, Stanacola and Signal, most of which came from acquired oil companies. Even the 1926 in Great Britain from the ticker symbol S.O. developed new brand name Esso could only be used regionally and abroad.

In order to have a uniform trademark throughout North America, the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey renamed itself to Exxon Corporation in 1972. The industrial designer Raymond Loewy (1893-1986), who had already designed or modernized numerous logos, packaging and designs (Studebaker logo, Lucky Strike box, Coca-Cola bottle, Air Force One design, Spar logo, LU logo, Campbell Soup logo, shell shell, interior fittings of the Concorde), based on the old brand name Esso. Since then, the name Esso has only been used outside the United States, where Exxon owns the unrestricted trademark rights. Numerous ExxonMobil subsidiaries still operate there under the name Esso, such as the former Esso AG, today's Esso Deutschland GmbH Hamburg (until 1951 German-American Petroleum Company Bremen; brand: Dapolin).

In 1999, Exxon and Mobil Corporation, the former Standard Oil Company of New York (Socony), merged to form ExxonMobil Corporation. The Esso brand is available in Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Cyprus), North America (Canada), South America (Colombia) and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore).