Children ask stupid questions

Asked! Potsdam children ask - scientists answer

The 5. Question book (2020)

In 2020 the issue "Asked! Children and young people from Brandenburg ask, scientists answer" will enter the next round.

This year's questionnaire focuses on questions relating to sustainability. And we're not just thinking about climate change.

All areas of our life should actually be sustainable.

The new questionnaire has been available in the Science Day since the end of May 2020.

Here is the Download:

There are no stupid questions!

Questions are always correct as long as they show the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the questioner. Science means first of all asking questions and being curious. Again and again and always deeper. Children ask questions every day. Many parents can answer that, with others they would like to know how things work: Why is the sun hot and the moon not?

Why does snow fall in winter? Can spiders bite? The proWissen Potsdam association invites children and young people to ask questions about science. Researchers answer these questions briefly and clearly. For the questions that we publish on the homepage, the children receive a book from science for their age group.

Anyone who has questions for science can email them to us. We need: Your question, your name and age (only the first name is published) and your contact details. These will of course be treated confidentially. If your question is published, you will receive a message from us and you can pick up a non-fiction book in the science floor in the education forum.

The complete questionnaires are available for download here:

The following publishers support the children's questions with book prices: