You can fix anything in your home

Call a craftsman or repair it yourself?

Broken tiles, a dripping faucet or a stuck window: you can quickly repair many defects yourself with simple means. This not only saves you money, but also avoids having to wait long for an appointment. But when should you call a professional?

Cracks in the plaster and masonry

If unsightly cracks form in the plaster and masonry, many believe that these defects can easily be remedied with a little plaster and paint. But this is where homeowners and apartment owners often save at the wrong end. Cracks in components - whether in the masonry or in the wood - usually have a deeper cause. Replastering often only removes the symptom and not the source of the damage. The defects will therefore also reappear after the repair, sometimes even in other places. You can, however, seal holes yourself without any problems.

Jammed windows and doors

Over time, the weather and wear and tear mean that doors and windows no longer close or open properly. However, you don't always have to call a carpenter or glazier right away. Most of the time, you can repair defective doors or simply readjust windows in just a few steps.

Build the carport yourself

Home and car owners want to save money above all with a carport, because it is well known that this shelter is much cheaper than a sturdy garage.

However, a lot of specialist knowledge is required for the planning and construction of a carport: the statics must be calculated correctly, the right foundation must be poured without air holes and the individual elements must be connected to one another so that they cannot collapse. In addition, it is hardly possible to set up a carport alone. For the positioning and fastening of beams and struts, you need at least one additional helper who has sufficient strength. Here you can find out what else to look out for when building a carport.

If you want a secure carport, you should - depending on the material - contact a carpenter or locksmith.

Laying tiles in the bathroom and kitchen

Tiles are easy to care for, robust and ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. For quality, however, you often have to dig deep into your pockets. In order to save money, many homeowners often lay the tiles themselves. However, many sources of error lurk here:

  • an uneven floor can lead to stress cracks
  • If the grouting is not clean, water can penetrate the underside of the tiles and float them or
  • When cutting, the individual panels and mosaics can jump.

Especially with large areas and rooms or with high loads - from falling objects or heavy furniture - you should therefore rely on the tiling by a specialist. If you have sufficient specialist knowledge or a professional at your side, you can also replace the floor covering yourself. Here you can find out what to look out for when laying tiles.

In some cases, however, it is sufficient if you only replace the defective tiles.

To be deleted or to be deleted?

A change of scenery or a new coat of paint is often not just a matter of moving. Even if the apartment is to be remodeled or the white no longer seems "clean", the time is ripe to pull out the paintbrush. The specialist does not always have to be hired for this. With the right tips, painting the walls is very easy.

Partition made of plasterboard

Would you like to redesign your rooms or are you expecting offspring? A move is not always wanted or possible. By dragging walls, you can easily redistribute your living space. With the right tools, materials and the right planning, you can even pull in partitions made of plasterboard yourself. You can find out how to do this here.

Mold on walls

Damp walls or ceilings quickly start to mold. However, the problem is often not solved by a dehumidifier and anti-mold coating. The mold often also attacks the masonry heavily. The result: the mold will break through again and again and cause unstable masonry.

To protect your health, you should have the problem fixed by a professional. A painter expertly drains the wall and also removes deeper causes. If the cause is a leaking pipe, a leaky roof or defective insulation, you should also call a plumbing specialist or a roofer for help.

Repair parquet and laminate

Small quirks and scratches in the wooden floor can happen quickly. However, the damage is often so minor that it is not worth sanding down or re-laying the entire laminate or parquet. In addition to a repair kit from the hardware store, a special trick helps to fix the quirks: nail polish. You can see how this works in our video. However, if the damage is greater, you should contact a carpenter.

New shine for furniture

Furniture is rarely bought to last forever. Due to the low prices and the sometimes low stability and resistance, tables, cupboards and chests of drawers change just as quickly as the furnishing style. But even if the furnishings show only minor damage, they will be replaced. But you don't have to dispose of the cherished piece immediately with every scratch. You can fix small scratches and quirks or larger dents yourself with the right means and a little patience and time. You often don't need a carpenter for staining and painting either.

Clogged drain

Hair and other debris quickly settle in the drain and prevent the water from draining away. Often it is enough just to clean the drain to clear the blockage. Even inexperienced users can clean the siphon without the help of a plumber.

However, if cleaning does not help and the water continues to flow only sparingly or not at all, you should rely on the specialist knowledge of an expert. The same applies to the installation of fittings and other components of the water technology: Even through the smallest openings and cracks water can penetrate and cause major water damage.


Hobby craftsmen can quickly repair minor damage themselves - provided they have the right tools and sufficient knowledge. If the defects have deep causes, are relevant to the safety of the residents or require extensive specialist knowledge or tools, you should rely on the support or repair of a specialist. The assignment not only saves you time, it also saves you nerves and consequential damage.

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