Why do parents call children useless

"My child should have the same opportunities" : Parents go to court for faster school opening times

A total of seven parents, on behalf of their children, submitted an urgent application to the Berlin Administrative Court against the school being closed. The respondent is the State of Berlin. The applicants ask the court to “subject the proportionality of the ongoing restrictions on school operations to a thorough legal examination”. This is what it says in the 37-page publication that is exclusively available to the Tagesspiegel and on which the court is expected to decide next week.

The complaining parents refer to the children's right to education (a basic right, enshrined in the Berlin School Act), to the “massive burdens for the weakest” that exist due to the more than two months of school or partial closure, and to the “mental suffering” of the children .

The parents are represented by the Härting law firm, which initially canceled the curfew for the innkeepers with another urgent application last year. One of the applicants is the 43-year-old father of a twelve-year-old seventh grader. “My daughter suffers from social isolation.

She says her life is pointless. What kind of a society do we live in that does not consider school attendance to be systemically relevant, ”he told Tagesspiegel. Other countries like France would have kept schools open in the second lockdown.

The father, who does not want to give his name publicly because he is afraid of hostility in this “heated mood”, emphasizes that the urgent application is not just about the educational requirements and mental health of his own daughter. "Like the other six plaintiffs, it is about the well-being of all Berlin children." Many of them do not have the financial means to take legal action themselves.

A top-up refers to equal opportunities

For this reason, the plaintiffs are supported by the association Schutzengelwerk, which works for socially disadvantaged children. Despite the partial openings for individual grades, a large number of the 360,000 students are still at home for an indefinite period of time. The urgent application is also directed against the changeover model and emergency care as a permanent solution for infection protection.

In the emergency care, the children would sit together colorfully. "It does not help to fight infection just to look after children in school and not to teach them," says the application. Schools are not "hotspots" of the pandemic. There are air filters, test facilities and other measures that make a largely normal school operation possible again.

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The parents emphasize that they would take the risk of the coronavirus seriously. You want the Senate to return to the hygiene and phased plan, which was also in place in autumn 2020. There is also a single parent among the applicants. "I want my child to have the same opportunities as other children who have a private tutor financed in the pandemic," she told Tagesspiegel on the phone. Tutoring lessons or other fee-based offers that better-off parents can currently make available to their children to compensate for, they could not afford for their daughter, who is attending a Berlin elementary school.

"The educational gaps are getting bigger and bigger"

From next Tuesday, March 9th, the primary schools will open again in alternation. That means that, depending on the school, the children are either taught about three hours a day or they can go to school every other day.

The plaintiff's mother also rejects this model. "The gaps in education are now so large that the curriculum could not be adhered to last year. I cannot catch up on the subject matter at home with my daughter like other parents do". The final classes are also taught in smaller groups and alternately.

It has not yet been decided when the seventh to ninth graders can return to school. According to their own information, the applicants are composed of parents with a wide variety of social backgrounds. This includes students, a single parent, low-income parents and academics. One mother is even a teacher. According to a spokesman, the administrative court does not want to decide on the urgent application until next week at the earliest.

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