How can I get AdMob mediation working

Tips for Developers: Maximize App Revenue with AdMob Mediation

Why you can generate more income with AdMob Mediation than with just one network

App developers who choose to monetize with ads can combine the AdMob network with AdMob Mediation to maximize their app revenue.

This AdMob brokerage platform can be used to increase the demand from advertisers through additional third-party networks. In this way, you can stimulate competition for your ad inventory and increase your sales more significantly than with just one ad network.

In this post we introduce you to the three main reasons why top developers worldwide, including GameHouse, Playdots and StickyHands, choose AdMob as their intermediary platform.

1. Maximum advertising revenue from each ad source

AdMob Mediation can help you build a profitable source of revenue by monetizing the top performing ad formats and ad network partners for your business. Using adapters, it is possible to work with more than 30 large networks; with user-defined events, another 70 are added. In AdMob, all advertising networks have fair access to the ad inventory. This ensures that the highest-bidding network always wins.

In addition to a transparent auction system, AdMob Mediation offers integrated solutions to automate and simplify your monetization strategy:

  • The switching sequence is dynamically adjusted via the advertising network optimization (WNO) so that the CPMs are optimized for each impression.
  • Mediation groups make it very easy to apply your settings to a wide variety of ad units.
  • AdMob is built on the same infrastructure as Google Search to provide you with reliable support for your business.

Brokerage is a potentially very profitable revenue model, but the AdMob team is already working on another solution: You can generate even more revenue with open bidding. With Open Bidding, app advertising sources compete in real time for your ad space. This gives you the opportunity to exploit the maximum sales potential with every impression. Open Bidding can be combined with AdMob Mediation and will be available as a beta version later this year.

2. Optimal user friendliness of the app

You have developed a great app. Now, long-term success depends on how well you manage to generate more sales without compromising the usability of the app. Therefore, high standards are set for the demand from advertisers in AdMob, which are supposed to offer protection against malware, spoofing and inappropriate content, among other things. Here are a few tools that you can use to easily protect your app:

  • app-ads.txt is a straightforward and secure solution for specifying who is allowed to sell your inventory. This improves transparency for advertisers and preserves the value of your app inventory.
  • You can see which ads actually showed in your app in the ad review center. Here you can also block individual unwanted ads.
  • In addition, the age rating for ad content can be set in the blocking settings. This will only serve ads that are appropriate for the audience your app is targeting.

3. More app sales

As you develop your monetization strategy, you should also think about how it fits in with your long-term goals. Whether your goal is financial independence or the launch of a successful app, brokerage makes it easier for you to maximize your advertising revenue. Depending on the platform, the placement can also have a positive effect on user loyalty, engagement and the App- Total sales impact. Here are a few advantages that only AdMob can offer you:

  • The intelligent segmentation can generate additional app revenue, as you can automatically adapt the ad delivery to specific user segments and thus monetize your app in a more targeted manner.
  • Firebase is integrated into AdMob and provides you with information on user behavior. Based on this, you can optimize engagement and user retention while increasing app revenue at the same time.
  • AdMob also supports in-house ads and direct-to-sell campaigns. This will help you if you want to promote another of your apps through different channels or if you want to work directly with an advertiser.

Would you like to try AdMob Mediation? If your app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, register now for a free consultation or contact your account manager for more information. Or you can set up the operator right away - directly in your AdMob account.