Who owns Coachella

I thought beforehand that the Coachella Festival would be in Palm Springs and in the middle of the desert. It is not so. The festival is in Indio, about 30 minutes by car from Palm Springs. The venue is a huge one large polo club with lawn, which opens its gates once a year and makes the incredibly large area available for the world-famous festival.

There are several,differentParking areas if you come by car. From there you walk another 10-15 minutes to the site. But many can also be with one Taxi or Uber Set down on the site. This has the advantage that you don't need a parking space, but it can take hours in the evening when you want to go home due to the traffic.

The different Coachella Festival areas

The festival area itself is divided into different areas. For one thing, there is Main site, which is accessible to everyone - no matter which festival ticket you bought. All the stages are also located there, so you can definitely watch all the concerts. There are also so-called 2 to 3 "Beer Zones“On the main area where alcohol may be served and consumed. For this you need an extra ribbon, which you can get on the premises where you have one ID check and prove that you are at least 21 years old. Alcohol is not allowed on the rest of the site, which is typically American.

If you have bought a VIP ticket, you also have access to the VIP area. This is again separated from the main area. Not as exclusive as the name might suggest, however. The VIP area is also relatively large and actually only differs from the “main public area” in that it is a little more and better (or more unusual) dining options to give Tents has some shade under which mania has a greater chanceTo see stars and celebrities. Otherwise, I honestly didn't find the VIP Area to be revolutionary different from the main public area.

pic by coachella.com

Toilets, cleanliness and safety

The entire festival area is generally very clean, there are almost all corners Garbage can and there are always people on the go, collecting rubbish lying around. Either way, I had the impression that people are very considerate and, for the most part, also take care of their garbage themselves. There are on the festival siteDixi loos (both on the main area and in the VIP area), which are "optically appealing" integrated into the festival area and are clean.

On the subject security can i say it "Normal" controls with a scanner before entering the premises. You have to put your valuables down and have them looked at, but otherwise everything is super humane and peaceful. You are not allowed to take your own food and drink with you to the festival area. Just like drones, larger SLR cameras and selfie stricks are not allowed.I did see some people inside with "bigger" cameras though. Patrick, for example, had his Leica with him and therefore absolutely no problems with the security check. So small cameras shouldn't be a problem. It becomes difficult when you arrive with a whole equipment case.

Food, stalls and attractions

There are several on the entire festival site Food and drink stalls. From burgers to pizza to Thai, baked potatoes or acai bowls, you can find something for every taste here. Non-alcoholic drinks are available in the main area as well as in the VIP area. As mentioned above, beer and other alcoholic beverages are only available in the "Beer Zones" with extra ribbons and these are not allowed to leave the area.

The is also very popular Merchandisewas standingwhere to buy hoodies, shirts and other promotional items from Coachella. There was such a long line here on the first day that we couldn't even take a look. So here you should either have plenty of time to queue or not go to any of the rush hours.

Since the festival area is huge, you will also find several Attractions in the form of various, huge works of art, which are spread out on the lawns. The most famous, of course, is that Ferris wheel (which is honestly not nearly as spectacular in real life as on all the Instagram pictures). In addition, there are new, different attractions every year that beautify the green area. These are super cool and offer great opportunities, especially for pictures.