Is Windows 10 system software

91 special tools that perfectly upgrade Windows 10

Christoph Hoffmann and Michael Rupp

Whether security, media, office or tuning - we have put together the best expert tools for Windows 10 for you.

EnlargeWindows 10 can and should also be expanded. We present the best tools for this.

Windows 10 is the direct successor to Windows 8.1 and has been available for free download since July 29, 2015. On August 2, 2016, the Anniversary Update will be the first major update for Windows 10. But despite all the technical innovations, Windows 10, like every freshly installed operating system, initially lacks the necessary basic equipment - not to mention the personal touch: Where is the familiar virus scanner? Where is the cleaning tool? And where is the image processing that you use almost every day? In the following collection we have put together 91 tools in 13 categories for you, which optimally set up the new system and fill every little gap. We hope you enjoy browsing!

1. File management: More order and new extras

With the right programs, files can be conveniently copied, moved, renamed and packed. The connection to the mobile device is also easy.

Advanced Renamer Advanced Renamer creates order on the hard drive by systematically giving files new names. Since the Advanced Renamer can use the ID3 tags for music files and the EXIF ‚Äč‚Äčinformation for digital images, it is possible to bring order to your collections again. You simply select the files and folders that you want to rename and select the renaming structure from the presets. You can also number the files consecutively or add the folder name to the file name.

Download: Advanced Renamer to enlarge the picture gallery

2. Backup & data recovery: Safe with specialists

With the right precautionary strategy and suitable programs, you can regularly back up important files and restore them in next to no time in the event of a computer crash.