How can I get bulk perfume samples

Which glasses are best for which products? The secrets of the Vismaressence

If you have a new business for selling Bulk perfumes want to open or do not know how to combine well which bottles are best for each product, in this article we will reveal all the secrets of our products.

Our perfume bottles

The Bottle for a perfume is very important. Not only does it have to keep the perfume in good condition, it also has to have an attractive and beautiful design with which the product it contains can be easily associated.

We always recommend our glass bottles for our perfumes, as glass is the best material to preserve perfumes. Likewise, a glass bottle for a perfume is much more elegant. The glass accompanies the quality of the product, which means that since it is a twin perfume, many people have the impression that it is a question of perfumes of poor quality. With a glass bottle, however, the picture is different.

  • We recommend our plastic bottles for our bodymist. Why?

Body mists are light and refreshing fragrances that can be used at any time of the day. The plastic jars are ideal for this product because the plastic is light and easy to transport. Not only is the material easily customizable, but you can also attach a sticker with your brand image to create your own personalized body mist.


Retro glasses and sample vials

In our range of perfume bottles you will find small bottles of various sizes specially designed for perfume samples. These are sample vials with a spray cap.

With them it is very easy to offer perfume samples to your customers. This is a good business strategy. A good marketing strategy to increase sales can be, for example:

“If a customer takes one or more perfumes that belong to one olfactory family, you can offer them a sample of one or more perfumes that belong to the same olfactory family. He will surely like it and return for another perfume in the end. "

Sample vials are available in different sizes depending on how many samples you want to offer.

Retro perfume bottles have different uses. These bottles can be sold as small perfume bottles or you can also use them to offer perfume samples, although the contents of these bottles are greater than that of the sample vials.

Retro bottles can be a great option as a "detail gift" for an event. Choose a perfume that identifies you or a smell you like from our floral and fruit perfumes and buy a box of our retro bottles. They are very beautiful, and the gift is not only a small decorative object, but also an excellent fragrance that everyone will like.


Vismaressence products

These are some of the most successful combinations of our products when you want to get into the world of perfumery.

On the other hand, if you would also like to add the cosmetic option to your product inventory, we have a range of natural soaps made from olive oil and natural glycerin that are perfect for skin care.

We hope that this article has dispelled some doubts and that you decide to place your order for bottles and perfumes with us. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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