What does nothing mean to you

What does work mean to you?



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The parish editor in chief put this question to:

Olaf S.
What I do is not work. I made my hobby my job. Before, when I was employed, I had more security, I was paid even when I went on vacation or was sick. I started my own business ten years ago, and I haven't regretted it for a day, even if I'm not as well off financially today as I was before. But I am satisfied, and I get that back from my customers, which is wonderful. No, it has nothing to do with work, at least not with effort or effort. Raising children is work for me, I can now say that with a little distance.
With three small children, that's a full-time job without a break, so on Mondays I was sometimes happy when I could go to work. Now I have a day off on Mondays, but there is office work, shopping, cleaning, I can do all of this in peace and I can do it myself - wonderful!



"Choose a job that you love and you won't have to work a day in your life."



Rainer P.
Work is not a vocation for me, not a fulfillment, but work is a basic right that has something to do with human dignity. You should actually be able to make a living from what you work. I get Hartz IV, and I am allowed to work five hours a week without it being credited to me. I found something at "Huddel und Brassel". I take care of a garden with a colleague, it's nice to see what you've achieved. Without a job, I wouldn’t even know how to live, then I would smoke even more or read all the books three times. I no longer miss my previous job (electrical mechanic at a company that streamlined my job in 2005). Actually, I regret people who have to poke a lot in order to get a status. I can live well, thank God I don't have an addiction problem like so many. I also get by with little money, my demands are not that high. And I think it's nice to have freedom and time.

"Huddel and Brassel im Veedel" - a work project within the framework of the Vringstreff.

It creates prospects for people who can no longer be employed on the regular job market. They carry out small services for customers from the Severinsviertel.

Brigitte R.
Work is a central task in my life, and not just because it brings me money. It is just as important that it is meaningful and that I feel useful in it. Even if I am sometimes frustrated and tired, I still find the inner drive to keep doing the work when I do interesting tasks. The good working atmosphere is very important to me and cannot be paid for with any money in the world. In longer work phases I wait for vacation, on vacation - when I'm well rested - I look forward to work.
The right understanding of what work means comes when you lose it, cannot do it any more, or cannot find one. I make no distinction between gainful employment, housework, volunteering. But in our society we only count if we have a good job. Family work is often not noticed.
Feedback (preferably praise) is important to me. Sometimes I notice that I simply forget or let go of tasks that are not at the top of my priority list. I take my time for unpleasant matters. And I take care not to exploit myself.


Samantha S.
On June 26th my school days end. If I'm lucky, I'll get my secondary school diploma. If it works, I'm really happy, if not, then I'm unlucky, but at least I've tried.
Work has always been more important to me than going to school. For me, no training is an option either. I want to earn money, live alone and enjoy life. I would like to work as a saleswoman so that I can later buy things for my children, including just food that they like. With Hartz IV, I cannot be a role model for my children and I cannot give them any presents. Just sitting at home and doing nothing gets boring over time; you also part and grow fat.


Jessica S.
After the summer vacation, I am doing school training to become a nanny at the Ehrenfeld vocational college, so that I would like to have better chances on the job market later on. I don't just want to clean (I've already done that), it's totally boring.
I would like to have a real job so that I can show my children the world later. That is only possible with coal. I would like to travel the world with you so that you can get to know other countries. I want to do it differently from my parents. I want to enroll my children in a multi-language university so that they have better career opportunities later on.
Work is important, otherwise you get lazy and just sleep ... At some point I'll open my own kindergarten, that's my greatest wish.


The Caritas youth office in GOT Elsaßstraße supports young people between the ages of 15 and 25 with all questions relating to the topic of "job and training". It helps to find the right training and job search. The young people are also supported and accompanied during their training.


Markus A.
I chose this job very deliberately two years ago; before that I worked in out-of-hospital respiratory care. I enjoy my work here because we are a very special institution. The people who live here are "residents". We try to give them as much independence and self-determination as possible. For example, you can determine yourself when and how you want to have breakfast, how long you want to sleep, how you plan your day. They do not know all of this after many years of experience in clinics or rehabilitation facilities, in which they were more often controlled by others and "object" of help.
Our work concept corresponds to my basic attitude as a person to whom belief is important. In addition, one is confronted at the forefront with the question of why God allows this suffering. Of course, I don't really have an answer to that, but I ask myself the question and am also open to such questions from the residents.


The St. Severinus respiratory care (next to the Augustinian hospital, the "Severinsklösterchen") offers space for 32 residents who are dependent on ventilation over the long term.