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Karaoke system comparison 2021

  • The term karaoke comes from Japan, from where the trend spilled over to Germany. Empty orchestra is the actual translation for the word karaoke.
  • Think about which of the karaoke systems will meet your needs. An inexpensive karaoke set is ideal for starting your latest leisure activity.
  • A professional karaoke system with Bluetooth, USB and a wide variety of playback options makes sense if you have already gained initial experience in singing karaoke.

Can't help but sing along when your favorite song is on the radio? That is why you are perfectly supplied with a karaoke system. Karaoke is no longer only to be found in Asian countries, but is also very popular in German living rooms.

Hence you get yourself endless singing fun with your own karaoke system home. In short, as long as you find gifted singers in your family or friends, you will discover how much fun your new hobby can be. Our karaoke system comparison 2021 reveals which system has the best microphone and which karaoke system is suitable for childrenis.

1. What is a karaoke system?

Before doing a few basics. First, a classic karaoke system for at home consists of a karaoke device with a loudspeaker and microphone. This is crucial to ensure the actual karaoke effect. When playing songs, you have the freedom to choose what you sing into your microphone.

Second: It is played in the playback. That means you sing along with a catchy tune or your favorite song. Regardless of this, the sound is played through the karaoke system during this time, which is a practical one System with display, through which you can read the lyrics can.

Third: Not all of your party guests are saddle-proof with every song. Nevertheless, a drop in text does not reduce the pleasure of singing together with karaoke systems. On the contrary: it increases the fun factor and makes for lots of laughs.

In our comparison of karaoke machine test you will find suggestions on what to look for when buying a cheap karaoke system.

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Tip: As long as you know what to look for when buying, you don't have to buy the most expensive karaoke equipment right away. That is why you can learn the differences between karaoke machines by renting a karaoke system.

2. What is a karaoke system suitable for?

Country or pop: you can sing whatever you want at karaoke.

Singing together connects people, so invite your neighbors, friends, work colleagues and family to a karaoke evening.

Like in a Japanese karaoke bar, you are guaranteed to be thrilled when you swing your hips like Elvis and perform with your microphone on stage, i.e. in your living room.

At first, singing with a karaoke system may be unfamiliar. If you dare, you will quickly lose your initial shyness. Karaoke at home is a great way to relieve stress at work.

At the next birthday party or at Christmas, the spontaneous singing with a karaoke system for the television promise for entertaining hours.

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Karaoke for passionate singers

Before you decide on the karaoke system test winner: Make sure that you select a karaoke system that can not only play playback. Playback options such as an artificial echo or other gadgets are fun.

3. What are the most important purchase criteria for your karaoke system?

Just as the quality of the speakers should be top, the microphones of the karaoke system are an important criterion for which karaoke system you should actually buy. There are different connections depending on the type of system.

Provided that you have received countless suggestions from our karaoke system comparison, you now also know that the formats are just as important. There are special portals on the Internet where you can download songs for your karaoke player can.

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Danger: Would you like to use the karaoke system more often outside of your karaoke bar at home? Then it is important to clarify the portability of a professional karaoke system. In addition, karaoke equipment must be weatherproof.

3.1. Displays, bluetooth and connections: this will make your appearance perfect

An uncomplicated karaoke system for children is sufficient.

That is why our karaoke system comparison makes it clear how important a high-quality processing of the system is. Not all karaoke systems have a recording function.

Would you like to capture your children's vocal effusions forever? Then you should opt for a karaoke player with a recording function or an inexpensive karaoke set.

The right ad makes singing along a lot easier. Therefore, pay attention to the functions when choosing the suitable karaoke systemthat you may be underestimating now. Bluetooth or the various formats clearly support your new singing career.

An older test by Stiftung Warentest also points to these control elements and additional functions. However, there are currently no new test results for a karaoke system or additional information from Ökotest.

3.2. Special effects: karaoke to perfection at home

Singing is even more fun with the right equipment.

Enjoy the "sound of music" in your in-house karaoke bar! The best karaoke system inspires with various sound effects. This increases the quality of your singing. Effects such as echo or reverb also increase your good mood.

With an echo, your voice sounds more professional and powerful.

With the reverb function of your karaoke system, you will feel like you are on an open-air stage or on the beach. This increases the immediate experience of singing with the karaoke system.

With the Auto-Voice-Control you complete the karaoke enjoyment. If nobody sings, this A.V.C. and the original song will be played automatically. If you pick up the microphone, this additional function is deactivated and you are in your usual karaoke mode.

Tip: The recording function gives you the opportunity to record particularly funny karaoke experiences. A home-made CD is a nice souvenir, especially for children or for certain occasions.

3.3 Microphone: The heart of every karaoke system

To have untroubled fun while singing The quality of the microphone is crucial. A good microphone with a sturdy wire basket protects against dirt, saliva and falls.

The wire basket should be removable in a karaoke system with 2 microphones. In addition, the sibilants are filtered.

You can adjust the relationship between live singing and playback song with the so-called volume balance. You can even react spontaneously to your singing partner who is singing louder. Your duet with someone who has a different vocal volume than you is saved.

4. What are the advantages of a professional karaoke system?

As soon as you hear the first note, the stage is yours!

Of course there are different ways to find a suitable karaoke system. Well-known manufacturers and brands for a karaoke system are, for example, the AUNA karaoke system. If you don't want to have your own karaoke system right away, there are inexpensive alternatives to make friends with karaoke.

You can borrow a karaoke machine, because A karaoke system for rent also has the necessary connections. Depending on the type of system, there are not too great differences between the individual karaoke systems.

However, there is a clear difference in prices. Use our information on karaoke system test to get a more detailed picture of a karaoke system that is as useful as possible.

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  • Fine tuning possible
  • Variety of effects
  • diverse sound experience
  • higher purchase price
  • not suitable for children
  • Microphones with wire basket

5. What types of karaoke systems are there?

Before renting a karaoke system, it is useful to get to know the different types and types of systems.

Important manufacturers such as Sony, AEG, Philips or Panasonic offer good karaoke systems for home use.

Furthermore, names of manufacturers such as LG, Medion, AEG and Lenco as well as AUNA are mentioned again and again when it comes to a karaoke system with CD player.

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Buying advice karaoke systemoverview
Karaoke with the game console
  • Mono microphone with USB
  • Jack plug or bluetooth
  • Display of pitch, lyrics and pitch
Karaoke software for PC
  • unlimited number of song uploads
  • inexpensive karaoke
  • Microphone often not included in the set
Stereo system with karaoke function
  • Quality on CD player
  • inexpensive karaoke variant
  • space saving
Compact all-in-one karaoke system
  • ready for immediate use
  • USB connection and Bluetooth function (depending on model)
  • different sound effects
Professional karaoke system
  • multiple microphones possible
  • large selection of songs
  • Standard connections

6. Important questions and answers about the use of karaoke systems

Before you finally start your karaoke adventure, you will find some interesting answers that are important when buying a karaoke system. The price / performance ratio should convince with a good karaoke system. That means, the scope of delivery of a karaoke system should inspire you. Buying a lot extra increases the price and reduces the joy.

6.1. Which karaoke system is recommended for children?

A CD with the live performance is an unforgettable memory.

Unless you have a cheap karaoke system for your offspringwant, this is completely sufficient for use in the nursery.

There is no need for an expensive karaoke system with Bluetooth. So it makes more sense if the Easy to use karaoke system is. A karaoke system with 2 microphones is better.

Your child is sure to have more than one playmate, so that you can sing something to each other in a team. There is also a button to turn the karaoke system on and off.

Very important: the volume control so that the afternoons don't get louder and the singing competition doesn't get to the neighbors.

Here are some of the advantages of a karaoke system for children:

  • ideal for playing radio plays and music CDs
  • child-friendly design
  • colorful LED lighting

6.3. How does a karaoke system work?

In the case of a karaoke system with a monitor, the songs are played, gAt the same time you will see the lyrics displayed on the monitor of your karaoke system. The colored marking is helpful. So you always know which passage should be sung. Alternatively, some karaoke systems show this information in the form of an animated ball. Don't worry if you don't hit every note of the piece of music.

auna KTV karaoke system
Currently available from € 369.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Plant typeComplete system
How does the operation of the display work on the auna KTV karaoke system?This karaoke system has a touch display. It can be operated like a tablet. The apps are pre-installed.
auna KS1-KaraBig-V2
Customer favorite: the best-rated product in comparison on Amazon
Currently available from € 259.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Plant typeComplete system
not transportable
Can I also use DVDs with the auna KS1-KaraBig-V2 karaoke system?This karaoke system can only be used with CDs and via USB. However, it can be connected to the television.
auna DisGo Box TFT
Currently available from € 179.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Plant typeComplete system
Can I connect two microphones to the auna DisGo Box TFT at the same time?Yes, with this mobile PA system you can connect two microphones at the same time without any problems.
auna RM10-Rockstage black
Currently available from € 84.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Plant typeSystem without karaoke display
Can I switch off the light and microphone on the auna RM10 Rockstar black karaoke system?That is possible without any problems. Then this karaoke system can also be used as a simple CD player.
auna DiscoFever
Currently available for € 114.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Plant typeComplete system
particularly portable
How many songs are there on the CD supplied with the auna DiscoFever LED Edition - Bluetooth karaoke system?The enclosed CD contains only four songs. So it makes sense to buy karaoke CDs.

Which are the best karaoke systems from our karaoke system test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal karaoke system test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): auna KS1-KaraBig-V2 - from 259.99 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: auna KTV karaoke system - from 369.99 euros
  • 3rd place - very good: auna DisGo Box TFT - from 179.99 euros
  • 4th place - good: auna RM10-Rockstage black - from 84.99 euros
  • 5th place - good: auna DiscoFever - from 114.99 euros
  • 6th place - good: auna Stage Hero - from 144.99 euros
  • 7th place - good: BONAOK karaoke microphone - from 29.99 euros
  • 8th place - good: Ion Party Rocker Express - from 84.00 euros
  • 9th place - good: auna KS1-SUPERSTARLET-v2 - from 59.99 euros
  • 10th place - good: Reflexion PS08BT - from 104.99 euros
  • 11th place - good: ROXTAK LESHP S9-UHF - from 92.11 euros

When comparing karaoke systems, choosing between a total of 11 karaoke system models, including 3 "very good" karaoke systems and 8 "good" karaoke systems, will certainly not be easy. Therefore, a karaoke system was also chosen as the comparison winner (auna KS1-KaraBig-V2) and price-performance winner (auna RM10-Rockstage black).

With 7 karaoke system models, the Auna brand has the largest product variety of a single manufacturer in a comparison of karaoke systems and is therefore particularly well-known among the karaoke system manufacturers for its product variety.

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From how many different manufacturers are models compared in the karaoke system comparison?

In the karaoke system comparison 5 different manufacturers are compared. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Auna, BONAOK, ION Audio, Reflexion or ROXTAK. More information "

Which price categories can I choose between in the karaoke system comparison?

The cheapest karaoke system is available from 29.99 euros, the most expensive karaoke system costs up to 369.99 euros. The karaoke systems within this price range cost around 138.73 euros on average when comparing karaoke systems. More information under Karaoke system test. More information "

Which karaoke system has the most customer reviews?

The Reflexion PS08BT won most of the customer reviews, but the auna KS1-KaraBig-V2 received the best average reviews. More information "

How many models in the karaoke system comparison were awarded "VERY GOOD"?

Of the 11 different models, a total of 3 were rated "VERY GOOD" by the editorial staff, including:

  • auna KS1-KaraBig-V2
  • auna KTV karaoke system
  • auna DisGo Box TFT
More information "

Which models were compared or tested in the karaoke system comparison?

The 11 different karaoke system models include:

  • Reflection PS08BT
  • auna KS1-SUPERSTARLET-v2
  • Ion Party Rocker Express
  • BONAOK karaoke microphone
  • auna Stage Hero
  • auna DiscoFever
  • auna RM10-Rockstage black
  • auna DisGo Box TFT
  • auna KTV karaoke system
  • auna KS1-KaraBig-V2
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Which other products in the karaoke system category are displayed if you search for "karaoke machine"?

We want to offer you the best selection of products and therefore not only compare karaoke systems, but also related products such as karaoke machines, karaoke machines for children or karaoke machines for children. More information "