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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (IURD)

The Brazilian Pentecostal Church "Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus" (IURD), roughly translated as "Universal Church of the Kingdom of God", was founded in 1977 in Rio de Janeiro. It quickly gained many members and spread to all of Europe via Portugal. The Swiss headquarters are in Geneva, and the mission was also initially focused on French-speaking Switzerland. Today there are 12 churches called “aid centers” spread across Switzerland.

As is typical of the Millieu, the IURD used a room in Baselstrasse for a few years, where many Portuguese-speaking migrants live. In spring 2017, the community moved to Littau. Most recently in 2017, people in Lucerne found the “Folha de Portugal”, the Portuguese weekly newspaper of the IURD, in their mailboxes in some neighborhoods.

The work of the Holy Spirit on people is at the center of the teaching of the IURD. With its help all earthly problems should be solved. In particular, these are family and relationship issues, the healing of addictions or financial and health ailments. This also explains why the meeting places are called “aid centers”. The financial, temporal, social and emotional commitment of the believers for their church is high.

Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus - Center d'Accueil Lucerne
Luzernerstrasse 145
6014 Lucerne
079 159 74 31


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