Prospect of marketing digital products

How leading companies sell digital services

But the pioneers go even further and try to get the most comprehensive picture possible of their customers' preferences. The aim is a holistic understanding of the “life cycle” of individual customers, including all points of interaction from the initial contact to the offer, order acceptance and delivery to after-sales service.

For this purpose, many companies rely on the one hand on design thinking workshops in which individual work steps and decisions by buyers and web shop users are understood, or on so-called "day-in-the-life-of" projects: Employees of the Marketing organization itself buyers for one or more days, and examine the company's own processes for weak points.

On the other hand, many of course also invest in digital technologies for the predictive evaluation of digital data. These so-called business insights or big data analytics programs are getting better and better thanks to the very latest technologies such as machine learning; some also take into account the operating data of networked machines in addition to pure customer data. Depending on the data available, they now often recognize previously completely unknown and unused patterns and relationships that can be used for sales purposes.

For the companies this is not only a real competitive advantage in sales, but these new findings also help to develop and market products and solutions faster and in a more targeted manner than the competition.