Why does Quora allow so much exaggeration

How much the growing pressure for gender-sensitive language in schools is annoying - one teacher reports. Do we still need them?

“@ VictoriaLinnea1” on Twitter is a radical gender activist with 6,653 followers.
I call them because everyone can test what I write for themselves, and such people are no longer “private people”.
She herself confirmed at some point in a discussion that gender activists are often irrational (when I pointed out that these opponents on Twitter very quickly block others irrationally for no real reason [no attack etc.]), and immediately afterwards, even though she asked an open question, despite me Block factual, non-offensive tweets.
So exactly what she confirmed herself.

Profile text:
Author. Editor. Word Compass Editor. ENFJ. (she / her)
Co-initiator of http://Sensitivity-Reading.de →

A “compass” of what words to use and “sensitive reading”.

I see parallels with commercial esotericists.
These are often people who have no real qualifications, possibly inferiority complexes, and in the hocus-pocus they see an opportunity to “be who”, to earn money.
It seems that way here too.

This is one of many examples.
There is also an activist teacher from the Ruhr area, 2708 followers, "@ Seyfu09, ALias" Seyfu ".
He writes to his students is free, but "the whole class" take part.
One can ask the question whether peer pressure does not arise.
And if an allegedly such liberal person blocks you immediately, if you comment critically and objectively and in a friendly manner, tell me that this is exactly a picture of the “good person” like that of the GDR, Honecker etc. They really believe that.
And everyone who does not take part is on the right, even if, like me, one demonstrably chooses the left (since the Federal Returning Officer tried to forbid this, I have been recording EVERY of my elections on video, without interruption from making a cross to the ballot box it is visible [no, the election workers in their function as such, have no right not to be filmed]), and from the tweets it becomes clear that I cannot be right.
The most extreme evidence is probably my request that women / couples should obtain egg cells and sperm from black donors in order to increase the number of Afro-Germans. Or that Germany should make English the number 1 official language.
This makes it easier for Germans to leave this country, but the gender problem has also been largely resolved.

With such a teacher, I am itching to find out about his school, to go there, and to open an information booth in front of his school on public property.
E.g. a survey of how the students feel about it, everyone can say their opinion in front of the camera (also alienated if desired) etc. etc. etc.
And just to provoke the guy to teach a lesson in freedom of speech, and to show him and the school management cannot do anything about it, information about easily manageable painless suicide, and scientific facts about the existence of the afterlife (50 years of research, ~ 4000 Elsevier documents from the University of Virginia on reincarnation).

Gender activists in particular often seem to be this type of person who is now referred to as people with zero resilience who have been (spoiled) from helicopter parents to narcissists.
These examples are not about rights or conservative opinions that are clearly wrong. EVERY criticism that is factually and friendly is wrong and a reason for blocking.
The former also believes that it is "illegal", and a reason for a conviction for "stalking" if you still read or comment on her tweets despite blocking them (you can still passively pass on other users in the tweet line). Narcissism, arrogance, paired with extremely low resilience and a “safe space” way of thinking, while being politically aggressive.

Different problem, same behavior, the blood-and-soil ideology of a politically active probable headmaster.
“@DerSchulleiter” (alias “Principal”) on Twitter.
It also blocks you immediately if you critically note that people should not be treated differently because of their origin, or that they have different duties or “responsibilities”.

Here in this article it would be useful to see the examples of gendering, but again I don't see them because "inside-I-Begon" removes gender on every website.
That means, I see e.g. this illogical sentence:
"With" pupil "or" pupil "it is not enough. You can also gender in the singular - like this: "A pupil" or "a pupil". "

What is the point of forced gender in school work?
Even if the student changes FOR the teacher, this is a document that only the student has afterwards.
It will NEVER be published (unless the student does it himself).
If the student changes for the teacher, that doesn't change his attitude.
I read somewhere (I think a Dr.) that people in the class always gendered because the teacher wanted it that way and then graded them better, but the teacher was hardly out of the room when people laughed at him.
I think it was on Quora.
So the teachers do NOTHING change anything.
On the contrary, some then even more so think that they do not want it and will not.
The whole class of such teachers should write an open letter with brackets from the teacher to the teacher after school, stating that they ONLY did it for him and made fun of it in his absence. And that they are NOT gendering today. That he / she has changed NOTHING.
So much the better if they are halfway celebrities.
In theory, after grading, the student could remove the gendering with the ink killer or eraser and then show that to the teacher.
If he THEN changes the needs, his irrational ideology-driven behavior has been shown to extremes.
Or you can publish all your work on the Internet, but without gendering. But with the grading of the teacher. Either under computer text as a clarification, or as a copy of the altered text with real name, grade and the teacher's signature underneath. Should he try to file a criminal complaint for defamation ("it gives the impression that he is rating unaltered texts in a neutral way" <= for him / her an insult), forgery of documents (since this is not a legal document, this does not apply either ...) etc. to reimburse ...