What are the most popular landing pages

The optimal landing page - definition, purpose and structure of a landing page in online marketing

In the context of online marketing, landing pages are an effective tool for drawing attention to a specific offer as a company. But what exactly is a landing page? What is its purpose? And how is the optimal landing page structured?


A landing page - also known as a landing page or marketing page - is a specifically created website or subpage that a user calls up by clicking on an advertisement or on an entry in the search engine. The page is geared towards the advertising material and the corresponding target group. The aim of a landing page is to induce the visitor to convert - i.e. to take a previously defined, clear action.

Advertising media for landing pages

The advertising media and media that a user can use to access a landing page online are, for example:

  • Email marketing through newsletters
  • Organic results in search engines
  • AdWords ads
  • Pop-up and banner advertising
  • Organic social media postings
  • Paid social media ads
  • Offline advertising, such as flyers, posters or magazines (e.g. via QR codes)

Landing page functions

There are different types and functions for landing pages. Which landing page is best for your purposes depends on the goal of your online marketing measures. Some functions of landing pages are e.g. these:

  • Selling products / services
  • Dissemination of content, e.g. white papers or e-books
  • Eliciting requests for quotation
  • Lead generation

The optimal structure - this must be observed

Even when designing your landing page, there are essential things to consider in order to trigger an impulse for action on the part of the user. The following requirements must be met, among others:

Little distraction

The optimal landing page should focus on the essentials. All components should be adapted to the target group, sensibly designed and not superfluous. So that the visitor can fully focus on your offer and the associated information, there should be neither a navigation menu nor superfluous links or social media buttons on the landing page.

Characteristics of your offer

In order to convince the user of your campaign, you need clear and concise information about the offer. Put yourself in the shoes of your target group as closely as possible. Which user needs need to be met and which information does the visitor need in order to decide on your product or service? Communicate the advantages of your offer as well as the benefits for the customer.

Recognition elements from the advertising medium

So that the user does not jump off your landing page immediately after clicking on the advertising medium, elements from the advertising medium should also be used on the landing page. Maintain the tonality, use the same or similar media and meet the expectations that arise when the user clicks on the advertising medium. So offer the information that was advertised in the ad. In this way, the visitor does not react confused and has the connection between the ad and the landing page directly in mind.


What action should the user take on your landing page? Formulate a clear call to action and highlight it with a conspicuously designed button in order to trigger an impulse for action on the part of the user.


Query the visitor's data in a form in order to obtain valuable information online and / or to collect leads. Make sure, however, that you do not have to fill out too many fields so that the user does not perceive the data query as stressful and cancels it off.

Contact possibility

In addition, it is advisable to provide the landing page with contact options for your company. Build in a live chat or give your telephone number so that the visitor can contact you with further questions or general interest.

Trust elements

In order to increase the trust factor of your landing page and to gain the trust of the user, trust elements are useful. This includes, for example, good reviews and ratings of testimonials as well as a trustworthy picture of an employee of your company.

A / B testing

It is ideal if you set up A / B testing for your landing page, in which different versions of the page are tested on the visitors. In this way you can find out which type of landing page works best for your target group, you can optimize the landing page while your campaign is running and you can learn lessons for future landing pages.

Do you need support with the conception and setting up a landing page? Would you like to use effective advertising media online so that your landing page receives as much traffic as possible? Do you want to optimize your site for your target group with the help of A / B testing? As a professional agency for online marketing, we would be happy to advise you and implement these measures for you! Contact us and we will be at your side with our know-how.