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Earning money with YouTube - when the hobby becomes a job

YouTube is the world's largest video web community and also the undisputed market leader in German-speaking countries. The platform is correspondingly interesting for companies looking for a way to place their advertising. Because theoretically, companies can reach numerous potential customers via the channel of well-known YouTubers. YouTubers can take advantage of this. To do this, all you have to do is sign up for the YouTube affiliate program Sign in and link your account with Google AdSense. In this way, they can monetize their uploaded videos by allowing companies to place advertisements in the video environment.

If your clips contain proprietary material that was not produced or designed by you, you will need the written permission of the person or company concerned for commercial use. The following content is protected material:

  • Song titles or excerpts for which revenue sharing is excluded
  • general music (including cover songs, lyrics and background music)
  • Photos and other images or graphics
  • Film and television images
  • Footage from video games or other software
  • Live recordings (sports, concerts, shows, etc.)

How much you can earn from advertising on YouTube depends on a number of factors. Among other things, it is crucial which advertising format is involved. For example, you will be rewarded significantly better for embedding an advertising clip than for a banner or a classic text ad. However, in order to even be considered as a space for promotional videos, your clips must achieve a high reach and generate many clicks. As a video owner, you will receive 55 percent of the AdSense revenue generated by advertising, while the remaining 45 percent will flow into YouTube's pockets. Incidentally, advertisers do not need to pay for advertising clips that are canceled in the first 30 seconds - in which case you will not earn anything.