What happens when a kitten eats chocolate

Can cats eat chocolate?

Anyone who loves their cat will of course want to reward it every now and then and do something good for it. What could be more natural than offering her delicious sweets such as chocolate. But are house cats even allowed to eat chocolate?

If people enjoy chocolate, pets will too. One way or another, some cat owners think and want to please their flatmates by offering them little treats. But be careful! Chocolate is far from healthy for cats. However, the problem here is less the sugar than the cocoa contained in chocolate products, more precisely the so-called theobromine. This alkaloid occurs naturally in cocoa beans and therefore in numerous human desserts (chocolate pudding, ice cream, yoghurt or cake).

Since cats very rarely have the need to eat chocolate, the issue is not a particularly important issue for most pet owners. However, it can happen that the cat is fed chocolate by children or adults who "mean it well".

What happens when cats eat chocolate?

Cats eat chocolate, then the theobromine contained in cocoa has a toxic effect and can result in the death of the cat. In contrast to humans, theobromine increases blood pressure and pulse rate in cats and dogs even in small doses. In addition, you may experience several symptoms such as restlessness, tremors, vomiting and diarrhea Theobromine poisoning accompany. If the poisoning is not treated, the cat can die from it within a few hours.

Can cats eat white chocolate?

In principle, white chocolate is less of a concern, as it contains either no or only very small amounts of theobromine. All candy should be off-limits to cats, however.

What dose is lethal to cats?

The theobromine content is of course dependent on the amount of cocoa beans used. According to this, milk chocolate has a lower theobromine content than, for example, bitter chocolate. In cats, the lethal dose is approx. 200mg / kg body weight of pure theobromine. The corresponds to about a quarter to half a bar of dark chocolate. However, even smaller amounts are toxic and can cause serious and, above all, permanent damage to the animals' organs. One is also conceivable chronic theobromine poisoninginsofar as the animal regularly gets small amounts of chocolate to eat.

What to do if the cat accidentally eats chocolate

Anyone who suspects their own animal has eaten chocolate or other sweets containing cocoa should see the vet as soon as possible. With certain injections this can be a artificial vomiting and prevent further absorption through the intestines. In addition, the Administration of activated charcoal the theobromine, which has already entered the enterohepatic circulation, must be removed and excreted with the stool. If the cat already shows central nervous disorders, the prognosis is rather poor. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the veterinarian for advice even with apparently insignificant amounts of chocolate.

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