What is this RPG info in the comment

Info + rules

At the beginning, this is a joint between RPG addicts alias LawFan01 and me, which means that you can answer questions both to me and to him.

So, as you may have already read in the foldout text or in the title, this will be about books that can be found in the course of the rps. Those books teach you skills that primarily enable you to tame elements, but I will explain in another chapter what the respective books can do.

Everything takes place in our modern times, that is, there are cell phones, there are trams and hospitals, as well as every imaginable toy and living space.
However, in the course of the rps you can also enter other worlds where this is not the case.

In order to find the magical books, you will have to go to certain places. I'll mark these places with a *, but that doesn't mean that your character knows where to go. Once you have finally found the place, we upload a kind of dung, where you have to come through to get to the books, but there is no guarantee that you will find the right book for you.

At a certain point in the RP I will also publish roles that you can play. These roles will not be able to get powers through the books, but bring their own powers that you can use in battle. In addition, a small information chapter will appear on why these roles are now included and what happened for them.

The rules. Everyone knows it, many consider it unnecessary. For my part, I just try to write without going overboard with the rules.

- Let's start with the mob topic. In RP, your characters are welcome to hate each other, but should the watt pads behind them be attacked or insulted, clarify that among you. Nobody wants that.

- Sex and violence are allowed, but remember that we are neither in a smut nor a horror RP, but a fantasy.

- Stick to the skills you have. I know that one might like to have a certain skill, but if you haven't read the appropriate book, you can't either. In addition, please write your favorite element in the comments so that we know who has read all of this and can be accepted.

- You can create a maximum of two characters and take on one role. After all, we don't want too many people to get hold of such books.

- A character can only be in one place at a time. This means that you are only allowed to actively write in one comment with one character. If your RPG partner doesn't answer for two days, you could write that your character just goes and write somewhere else.

- be fair and let your RPG partner know if you can't write for a long time. It's stupid enough to have to wait for someone, and especially if you have nowhere to go on writing.

- Murdering as well as having children is allowed, but with the consent of the murdered / parents. For them seeks among you; 3

- and please no one-liners. Yes, there are places where you don't know what to answer, but if someone only writes three words at a time, you don't feel like writing with them anymore

- Last rule, since this is a common RP, both RPG-Suchti and I have the authority to accept or reject registrations and to be available for questions or stories. That means if I'm not on you can annoy him or the other way around;)