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Good Website Navigation: How to Increase Ease of Use

In order to ensure a good navigation structure on your website, careful planning is extremely important. Only when you are clear about the purpose, content and effect of your website can you do one appropriate integration of navigation structure, web design and content design that interlocks meaningfully. Since even the best content is of no use if you can't find it easily, the first thing to do in your planning is to get one logical order and clear structure that you keep in mind every step of the way. Put yourself in the shoes of a user: What would the navigation structure of your website have to look like so that you can explore it almost as if "in your sleep"?

To do this, you first need one for your subject area clear hierarchy with as few levels as possible, from which users can filter out exactly what they are looking for within a few seconds - especially when they land on your website for the first time. You should always keep in mind that the Internet users' attention span usually very short and the competition is numerous. So if your users can't find what they're looking for right away, it is more practical for them to jump off and find the next provider using the search engine of their choice. The resulting Bounce rate not only has a negative impact on your website from an SEO perspective, but also on your overall business.

You can make your job easier by general reading standards and user habits how to observe the F pattern. The F-pattern is a common reading pattern of internet users that has been proven in studies. It describes the approximate search movement that the eye makes when scanning a text-heavy website: first a longer horizontal movement over the upper main menu, then a vertical movement in order to "read across" the content further down and finally to scan the rest of the page content vertically - in "F" form. This shows again: You can only score points with your customers if you give them present the most important content quickly, compactly and clearly.