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Betting strategies for sports betting

In our series on betting strategies, we want to present you with various ways of multiplying your stake as risk-free as possible. To this end, we have dealt with the best-known and most popular betting systems and have compiled the most important information. To make the whole thing clear, there are also graphics and tables. Complicated sports betting strategies such as hedging or arbitrage should be clearly explained using examples.


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Furthermore, we want to show you with the proven betting strategies whether and how much money you can make with them. Do some types of bets pay off with a low stake, or do you have to deposit a lot to make a high profit? We also explain which sport fits which sports betting strategy. Have fun reading our articles!



Successful betting strategies for beginners

These safe strategies are available for you:

Betting systems for advanced players

We have the following strategies on offer for all sports betting professionals:

Double chance

Double chance is a betting strategy that is especially exciting for risk-averse betting fans. Because you can bet on two, not just one outcome, the probability of being right increases by 33.3% [...] More on double chance bets.

Halftime score

With the betting strategy of the half-time / full-time bet, you bet on two events at the same time. Not only the stand at the break but also the final result flow into this bet. We show you when this bet is won and give you examples of what a bet on half time / full time looks like. There is also information on chances of winning and the possible sports [...] More on half time / full time sports betting.


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Handicap bet

Handicap bets are an interesting betting strategy to push the odds and increase profits, especially when favorites are expected to win. Although a team starts the game with a handicap, it should soon equalize this. It also explains how the Asian handicap works [...] More about handicap bets.



Head to Head

As the name suggests, the head to head bet is about comparing two people within a competition or field of participants. This is particularly exciting in individual sports, but even in teams you can highlight individual players and compete against each other virtually [...] More about H2H bets.

Combi bet

The aim of the betting strategy of the combination bet is to achieve the highest possible odds by lining up different bets. However, one should not forget that the risk increases with every betting tip that is added. Combination bets are particularly interesting for football, but high profits can also be achieved in other sports [...] More about the combination betting strategy.

Lucky 15

As a further development of the Yankee bet, the Lucky 15 betting system clearly contains 15 bets. These 15 bets are made up of four single bets, six combination bets, four 3-part combinations and one 4-part combination. The article shows you exactly how it all works, when you win a Lucky 15 bet and how high the chances of winning are […] More about the Lucky 15 bet.

Over / Under

The betting strategy over / under goals is about developing a real feel for how many goals are scored in a game. The focus is not only on football matches - this type of bet can also be used in basketball, tennis or other sports. However, over / under bets are not just based on the number of goals. Because with many betting providers you can also bet on how many cards or insertions are whistled [...] More about over / under bets.

Scorecast / Wincast

Both Scorecast and Wincast are all about guessing a goalscorer correctly. The difference between these two types of bets is that with Scorecast you have to correctly guess the goal scorer and the exact result, with Wincast it is sufficient to bet the winner in addition to the goal scorer. In both cases you need a little luck, but with a precise analysis you can significantly increase the probability of a direct hit [...] More about Scorecast / Wincast bets.

System bet

System bets are especially interesting when you play risky tips. Because since you are betting that 3 out of 4 bets have to be correct, you increase the chance of a satisfactory outcome. The quota suffers as a result, but if you bet on outsiders, you can still make high profits. We'll show you when to win a system bet and for which sports system bets are available [...] More about the system bet strategy.

Betting on corners

Tips on corners are an increasingly popular type of bet. Corners are difficult to predict and therefore the bookmakers lure with high odds and good chances of winning. Bets are made on the number of corner kicks, similar to under / over bets on goals. With the right instinct you can also win big live live [...] More about corner bets.

Tennis betting

Sports fans can not only make profits with football bets. Tennis is also suitable and is becoming increasingly popular. We will support you with some tips about tennis betting so that you can also be successful in this sport. [...] More about the tennis betting strategy.

Ice hockey betting

In addition to football and tennis, betting on ice hockey is also an interesting opportunity to make profits. The fast-paced sport is perfect for live tips, which you can also place on the go with a suitable sports betting app. [...] More about ice hockey betting strategy.

Goalscorer betting

An interesting alternative for betting enthusiasts is betting on goalscorers, which you can even place before the season. We have summarized the most important points that you have to consider when making tips on goal scorers. […] More about the strategy for scorer betting.

Coach betting

Long-term bets are an interesting form of betting and many bookmakers now also offer you an extensive portfolio for coach bets. You can bet on future coaches from clubs as well as on the dismissal of coaches. Our article on coach bets shows you the most important points that you have to consider in order to be able to make a profit from the bets here as well. [...] More about coach bets.

Master bets

Before the season starts, you should get an overview of the season bets offered by most bookies. One of these popular bets is the tip on the coming season's master. In the following article, we have summarized what you have to consider with master bets in detail and with examples. [...] More about championship bets.

Back & Lay bets

The Back & Lay strategy ensures variety in the world of sports betting. While a back bet can be classified as a conventional type of bet, a lay bet is not based on a result or event, but against it. What makes the back-lay strategy so interesting that you can sell and trade your bets on betting exchanges such as Betfair [...] More about back & lay bets.


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Asian handicap

Asian bets come from the Asian betting market, but are also becoming more and more popular in Europe and many bookmakers are now taking this form of betting into their program. Asian handicaps differ significantly from conventional handicap bets as they only have two outcomes. […] More about Asian handicaps.




When it comes to hedging, betting exchanges such as Betfair are in the foreground. Similar to "real" exchanges, you can buy and sell bets and win money with them. How it all works is explained to you in the following article, which explains this betting strategy in detail and in an easily understandable way [...] More about securing bets.

Last minute goals

The betting strategy of the last minute goals is particularly interesting if you follow soccer games or other matches of different sports live. The closer the game is to the end of the game, the higher the odds that no more goals will be scored and the result will remain the same. At betting exchanges, however, you can also bet against the outcome of a game. Thereby high odds and good chances of winning beckon [...] More about the last minute goal bet.


Surebets see themselves as safe sports bets, since a profit is definitely achieved by using the different odds at different betting providers. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, you need several accounts with different bookmakers and you have to react extremely quickly - because the odds are quickly adjusted in the event of a possible sure bet [...] More about the surebet betting strategy.

Against the draw

The betting tactic against the tie is a long-term strategy. Profits can be made steadily with little risk. You use the odds difference on X for a goal by a team and you win in every game that does not end with 0: 0. Precise preparation and a good insight into the betting market are essential for the correct implementation of the strategy. In the following article we will explain the tactics to you in detail [...] More about the Against the X strategy.

How can I implement the Livetipsportal betting strategies?

You should take the following tips to heart if you want to be successful with our strategies:

1. Study bookie reviews and tips
With the help of our betting provider comparison section as well as our current betting tips in combination with our strategies, you have the perfect tools to assert yourself successfully in the world of sports betting. First find the perfect bookmaker and read the opinions of our experts!

2. Secure betting bonus
After you have informed yourself about the various bookmakers, you should definitely get a so-called new customer bonus! This bonus usually applies to the registration of a new betting account and can amount to up to 200 euros free betting credit. Here you can find all information in our betting bonus comparison

3. Calculate & try out - the betting calculator helps
At the beginning, take some time to play through various scenarios, which you can check with our betting and odds calculator, for example. Only those who try things out for themselves will learn from them and ultimately make a profit from them.

4. Use mobile apps as well
You will only find the right betting strategy for you if you play through different strategies and options yourself. Because you don't always have a laptop or PC with you, your smartphone is becoming more and more important. For mobile betting, we recommend our sports betting app reviews, which will bring you closer to the best bookie apps. With the Livetipsportal betting calculator app, a kind of mobile system betting calculator, you can calculate your odds on your smartphones or tablets in a few seconds for free.