Is there such a thing as selective introversion

On closer inspection, introverts are often great personalities - and that's precisely why they have a great attraction - or do you find James Bond boring ?! On his blog, David K. William took a closer look at what makes an introverted person and found 10 reasons why they are so attractive:

1. You are mysterious
While extroverts usually frankly and freely divulge everything that comes to mind and thus make themselves predictable, introverts surround themselves with a mysterious aura of the unknown! By revealing very little about yourself, you make your interlocutor curious about more!

The person you are speaking to may even unconsciously try to interpret your behavior. Even more: you will instinctively trust your external appearance and since introverted people often have a high level of self-perception, they are excellent at keeping their true intentions secret. Often it is precisely their opacity that attracts people.

2. You are popular
It doesn't always seem like it, but introverts are often some of the nicest people we know. Their calm manner makes them appear confident and relaxed. They are not used to lying and will therefore rarely try to sell us an X for a Y.

Rather, they say nothing at all than that they are saying something wrong and therefore have a high degree of self-control. Especially in today's hectic everyday life, it is enormously attractive when someone stands above things and keeps actionism away.

While introverted people are reluctant to be the focus of the masses, they really thrive in their closest circle of friends.

3. You still have dreams
Even if it sounds “cheesy”, it is about an often underestimated form of reflection. It is not for nothing that Karl Lagerfeld once claimed that “daydreaming is perhaps the most important work in his life”. We often have our best ideas when we're relaxing:

For example, during a walk, in the shower or while we are lying on the sofa. Introverts use their free time for recreation and introspection. Through this inward view, you will always come across new ideas and insights.

4. They are good listeners
In today's world it seems like everyone is only concerned with themselves. The number of people with narcissistic traits has never been as high as it is today and never have those people had the opportunity to act out this in such a diverse way as today - Facebook and Co. send their regards!

This makes it particularly easy for good listeners to appear sympathetic to others. Introverts don't like to talk about themselves - they're far too humble for that! You allow others to talk and listen, so you have good relationships with others.

5. You are intrinsically motivated
Through their increased focus on their feelings and ways of thinking, they know exactly what they like to do and what they don't like to do. Accordingly, they consciously choose those tasks that they enjoy doing and in which tasks they “work”.

That is, they rarely do tasks just because of extrinsic motivational factors such as payment or recognition. Your work therefore seems more like a hobby to others, because they like doing that work - and precisely because they know exactly what they want, they are more attractive to others!

6. You are excellent watchers
While extroverted people fall more easily into the trap of selective perception errors and only perceive certain things in the environment and ignore others, introverted people are more likely to grasp the holistic structure.

Due to their excellent powers of observation, they have a high degree of empathy and can empathize with other people. For example, if you want to hear a realistic opinion about the opportunities offered by a business model, ask an introvert!

7. You seldom speak rashly
Introverts rarely talk carelessly! While other people often repeat standard phrases, introverts always think twice before saying anything. This makes a conversation more exhausting for you than for extroverts, as they have to think more during the conversation.

And maybe that's why they talk less! They'd rather say nothing than say something rash. However, when you share something, most of the time it's so interesting that everyone wants to know more about it!

8. You are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers
Studies by the well-known behavioral researchers Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Gregory Feist show that the most famous thinkers of our time were or are often introverted people. Without introverted people there would be no theory of relativity (Einstein), laws of gravitation (Newton), etc. In the end logical! Why?

The key to creativity lies in being alone! Introverts have no problem being alone. They use those moments of being alone to make creative blueprints. That ability to focus deeply on one thing in such moments and to block out all distractions ensures that introverted people are very creative.

9. You are self-disciplined
Because introverts like to be alone, they have a natural tendency to read. They enjoy constantly improving themselves and are also aware of this through their high level of self-perception.

This cycle ensures that they strive for constant self-improvement and are often smart personalities with a high degree of self-discipline.

10. You have an intellectually stimulating effect on others
Thanks to their great empathy, they can explain things to laypeople in such a way that they can understand it. This makes conversations with them extremely stimulating, as they manage to explain a lot with just a few words. This simple way of learning through simple conversations alone has an impressive effect on others.

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