Rimming can cause HIV

Vaginal, anal and oral sex

Unprotected vaginal or anal sex carries the high risk of contracting HIV or an STI (sexually transmitted disease). Even a brief penetration or vaginal / anal sex without ejaculation are risky.

Vaginal sex

Is transmission also possible if the man only briefly penetrates the vagina?

Yes. Without a condom, even brief penetration of the penis into the vagina can lead to infection with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) or HIV.

Is vaginal sex also dangerous if there is no orgasm?

Yes. Unprotected vaginal sex is a risk even without ejaculation.

Can I also get infected in a steady partnership?

Yes. Whether married or not, a committed relationship can lead to infidelities. So if you have a one-night stand or an affair, you always use a condom - and thus protect yourself and your partner.

Will backing down during sex - coitus interruptus - protect me from an STD?

No. Coitus interruptus does not offer sufficient protection - neither against HIV nor against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) nor against unwanted pregnancies.

I was only very briefly in the vagina with my fingers. Must I be scared?

No. There is no risk of contracting the HI virus. However, if the fingers are brought to the mouth after contact with the vagina, sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) can be transmitted.

Can I use the same condom for vaginal sex and anal sex?

No. Always use a new condom for every body opening (anus, vagina). This is the only way to protect you from HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis C.

Can I also get infected if I insert sex toys vaginally?

No. But adhere to the rules of hygiene: Thoroughly clean a toy with soap and water or alcohol before each passing on and use.

Anal sex

Unprotected anal sex carries the greatest risk of contracting HIV - even without ejaculation. You should therefore always adhere to the safer sex rule: Anal sex only with a condom. Get advice immediately after a condom breakdown or an «accident».

Why does unprotected anal sex, even without ejaculation, carry such a high risk of HIV transmission?

The anal mucosa is thin and is practically always injured during anal sex. There is also the risk of contracting hepatitis B, herpes, syphilis and other infections.

We would like to have anal sex. How do we best protect ourselves?

Condoms protect against HIV infection during anal sex and reduce the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). Every new partner and every new contact also includes a new condom. Always use condoms with additional, fat-free lubricant.

Do you need special condoms for anal sex?

No. Aids-Hilfe Schweiz advises against using extra-thin, knobbed or ribbed condoms for anal sex. In addition, a fat-free lubricant must be used. Never use two condoms on top of each other, this does not offer double protection! On the contrary: the friction can tear both condoms.

Can I get infected while doing anilingus (ass licking, rimming)?

Not with the HI virus. However, when the anus or anal region is licked, STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) can be transmitted to the lickers.

Are finger games in the anus dangerous?

No, there is no risk of contracting the HI virus. However, if the fingers are moved to or into the mouth after contact with the anus, sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) such as herpes, hepatitis A or gonorrhea can be transmitted.

I had anal intercourse with a prostitute. Do I have to get tested?

Male sex workers have sex with a large number of men, and the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is correspondingly high. If you have had unprotected anal intercourse or the rubber has burst, seek advice immediately. Emergency treatment (the PEP) can prevent HIV infection but only up to a maximum of 48 hours after the risk situation. The health of the prostitutes is not controlled by the state. If a male prostitute offers or allows you unprotected sex, he will do the same with other men. Therefore: use condoms for every sex contact.

Oral sex

During oral sex (sucking or licking the penis, vagina or anus) there is practically no risk of HIV because the oral mucosa is very stable. Even if semen or menstrual blood gets into the mouth, the risk of transmission is very low. Only a few cases have been described worldwide in which this resulted in an HIV infection.

What should be considered during oral sex in relation to STIs?

STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) are more easily transmitted than the HIV virus. During oral sex, you can protect yourself against chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. with a condom or a licking cloth (dental dam). Always use a condom and / or a dental dam when having oral sex with a prostitute or prostitute. Dental dams are extremely thin latex towels that can be used for oral sex.

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