What is a carport parking lot

Garage or carport: where should the car park overnight?

The car is the Germans' favorite child. The vehicles are treated accordingly, including the right parking space at night. However, when it comes to parking solutions for the home, opinions differ.

For the vast majority of Germans, having their own car remains a must. Hardly anyone would want to do without their own car. One of the main reasons is individual mobility. But where should the car go if it is not moving? The decision is often made between a carport and a garage.

Carport is the cheaper solution

If you look at your wallet, you opt for the carport, which is clearly the cheaper solution. Prefabricated wooden kits are available in hardware stores from around 1,000 euros. A garage can easily cost between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. Especially when a garage is planned and built individually, the costs increase. And neither of these works without annoying paperwork: You need a building notice and often a building permit for both the garage and the carport.

Garage is safer

From a security point of view, the lockable garage has an advantage. "The vehicle is much better protected from prying eyes, theft and vandalism," said the Auto Club Europa (ACE). Especially valuable or rare cars should therefore always be parked in a garage. Even cars that are sensitive to the weather, such as vintage cars or convertibles, are much better off there.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated: the garage offers absolute protection against marten bites. According to the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV), motor vehicle insurers have to spend around 60 million euros annually on damage to vehicles caused by the small animals. In addition, a garage is also suitable as storage space for tires, car accessories and other items. With the appropriate construction, drivers can also get into the house with dry feet. However: a garage does not necessarily contribute to maintaining the value of a car.

Proper ventilation against rust formation

The design of the garage is also important so that the car does not lose its value. After driving in the rain, the vehicle is insufficiently ventilated in the locked garage and can only dry out slowly. The ventilation is better under a carport: the car doesn't rust as quickly there. A garage should therefore always be well ventilated.

In general, a garage also offers more protection against weather events. In summer the car doesn't heat up so quickly here, and in winter it is guaranteed not to have to be scratched. Here the carport only offers limited protection. If the wind is bad, the windows can also freeze under the carport.

Garages make insurance cheaper

You also save money with the insurance with the so-called "garage discount" with the insurance. From a statistical point of view, there are lower claims settlement costs for vehicles that are not parked outdoors. In this way, numerous types of damage can be avoided: damage by third parties, by storms or by theft. A garage parking space has the most favorable effect on the premium.

There may be a similar discount for a carport, but this is usually lower because the vehicle is not completely withdrawn from access. How high the garage discount is ultimately also depends on the vehicle type class and the damage-free class. No insurer gives exact figures, but usually the discount is between three and five percent.

Car owners receive this discount even if their vehicle does not spend the night in the garage or under the carport every day. The phrase "predominantly" or "predominantly" used in many contracts should be understood to mean that the vehicle is there at least 50 percent of the time. The policyholder is also not obliged to provide evidence of the parking location, for example by means of photos of a garage. In case of doubt, the insurance company must prove to the policyholder that the latter knowingly provided false information in the contract.

Do not specify the carport as a garage

In any case, policyholders should better stick to the truth. Otherwise, the insurance company can reduce the replacement benefit or increase the premium. So if there is no garage space, it should not be specified.

Those who neither have a carport nor a garage can use a mobile half or full garage in the form of a cover. In winter it can save or at least make scratching the ice easier. In summer it protects the car from the hot sun rays. Bird droppings or other soiling are also left out. However, there are also disadvantages: it is troublesome to cover the vehicle and then a place to stow the cover is required. This can quickly become complicated, especially in rain and snow.

Car tarpaulin is no alternative

In addition, mobile pull-over garages can even scratch the paintwork if the car or tarpaulin are not completely clean. Especially when there is wind, the dirt particles act like sandpaper.
Classic carports are rather rare in larger city centers. However, if you want to park your car under cover here, you can choose between multi-storey car parks, underground garages or residential parking garages. In many larger parking garages, individual levels are often given to long-term tenants, according to the Automobilclub Mobil in Germany.

In addition, there is often the option of renting a parking space in a residential building in the neighborhood. In addition to commercial providers, there are also private individuals who have a parking space left over. The price range is wide and moves between 50 and 200 euros per month.

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