Obama left a letter for Trump

Obama's letter to Trump : Obama warned against undermining democratic principles

Former US President Barack Obama left his successor Donald Trump in January with a conciliatory and at the same time cautiously warning letter on his change of office in the White House. In the letter, the content of which was made public on Sunday, he reflects on the responsibility that the office of president brings with it - including the obligation to protect democracy.

The letter reads like a premonition in this passage: Trump has been accused several times in the seven months of his term in office of disregarding the rule of law. So he attacked judges massively, tried to have unpopular criminal investigations terminated and recently pardoned an ex-sheriff who is accused of repeated violations of civil rights.

Obama left the handwritten letter in the Oval Office on January 20, the day of the swearing-in - as is the tradition with changes of office in the White House. What is in these letters will usually only be known later. Trump himself only described the letter as "beautiful" after reading it, he "appreciated it very much".

According to CNN, Obama begins with a "successful race" congratulations. Millions had their hopes in Trump, "and we all, regardless of the party, should hope for increased well-being and increased security during your tenure".

Obama offered Trump "his own reflections"

It is a "unique office without a clear blueprint for success," continues Obama and then offers Trump "some reflections" from the past eight years. Not everyone is as “blessed with great happiness in different ways” as he and his successor, writes Obama. "It is up to us to do everything we can to build more ladders of success for every child and family who are willing to work hard".

The Democrat goes on to highlight the importance of American leadership in the world and warns against undermining fundamental democratic principles for the sake of political gain. “We only hold this office temporarily. That makes us guardians of these democratic institutions and traditions - such as the rule of law, separation of powers, equal protection and civil rights - for which our ancestors fought and shed blood, ”Obama said to his Republican successor.

"Regardless of the pressure and the pulling forces of daily politics, it is up to us to leave these instruments at least as strong as we found them." Obama closes with the words: "Good luck and may God protect you." (dpa)

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