How long will Star Trek Discovery last

Star Trek Discovery: The wait for season 3 will be worth it

Fans can hardly wait for the new episodes of Star Trek Discovery to appear. Unfortunately, it will be a while before Season 3 can be seen. But as we are assured, the long wait will appear to be worth it. Here's what we already know about the third season of Star Trek Discovery.

Since the start of Star Trek Discovery in 2017, the series has delighted many viewers. Others still view the offshoot with a great deal of suspicion, even today. Even if the opinions of many fans differ, Discovery has already reached season 3. It will take some time before this flickers across the screens. Fortunately, as showrunner Michelle Paradise reports on Twitter, the wait should be worth it.

After all, there are several reasons that speak for the fact that season 3 of Star Trek Discovery will meet the expectations of the audience. While the first two seasons covered a lot of sinister topics, the new episodes could take a completely different approach. Even the trailer for season 3 shows that you want to focus more on the roots of Star Trek. Instead of dealing with the impending end of mankind, we seem to be able to focus more on fascinating space adventures in the future. In addition, a new captain of the USS Discovery is to be selected, who will stay for a while.

As has been the case with other spin-offs, Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery could be better than its predecessors. That was also the case with Starship Enterprise: The Next Century, for example. Candidates like Star Trek: Spaceship Voyager or Deep Space Nine also got noticeably better from season 3, as reported by Inverse, among others. All in all, there is a lot to suggest that fans can look forward to the replenishment. This should of course appear as soon as the team has completed the work. What are your hopes for the next season of Star Trek Discovery? You can now find the trailer for season 3 in our video player.