Can high functioning psychopaths join the military?

Cannabis psychosis

If you are interested in the topic "Cannabis - In the generally educated vernacular, you also like hemp (industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC content, which is found in industrial birdseed etc.)

Marijuana (Mexican name for fully mature cannabis plant parts = flower, not the leaves and other plant parts, which have practically no usable or even inducible effect (in America also often called bud = inflorescence (umbrella term; floristically correct name; Latin) ,

or hashish (for the layman = pollen; highly concentrated pollen (THC-containing plant resin, usually natural, only common on the streets in Germany with free surprises such as hairspray, brix henna, shoe polish, other chemicals ...)

Please sit down and try it yourself with 2 grams of high-quality weed (Netherlands etc.), which you divide up sensibly for the weekend and then you can give your opinion again here! It doesn't mean that every person who has smoked 3 joints in his or her life so far will automatically become addicted to it ... It's different with alcohol ... But I'll let it be for now, because far too many people let themselves be influenced by others, that works really at random ... Here 5 villages are only stoners, here 30 km² are only conservative politicians .... What do you want to do about it as an individual among many like-minded people =) SMILE!


Open your eyes at last, let each person live their own life!

A plant-as-stimulant user, comparable usually does no harm to anyone, as has often been heard, it only depends on the consumer! If you want to watch a real-life film for 2-3 hours and accept it with common sense that you shouldn't drive a car or do any other concentration-intensive activity during this period, it should be up to you!

Everyone pursues goals, the one tries with excess coffee (caffeine is chemically closely related to codeine ... and nicotine (much more pollutants than cannabis)

And tea (Teein = slightly stimulating short-term calming effect when consumed) to torment oneself into work, or someone else even drinks his third wheat at 9 o'clock in the morning. You really don't need to comment on alcohol, since everyone is aware of it who has been completely drunk a few times ...

I have also been with us for almost a year since my professional trip to Brussels (Belgium - yes, you also cross the Netherlands if you start from Bavaria) ...

I really have to say folks, don't judge something that you don't know well enough to judge!

I am probably one of those after-work joints or after-work bong smokers who just want to make the best of their life, but not entirely on a defensible, in my opinion "self-help", or "educational documentary on TV" want to forego a successful working day.

Please pay attention to the irony that hovers over my entire "post" ...

Everyone should just think what they want to think!

My opinion.

Music is the only drug that should be banned! But who cares ?! One does not know….

Peace, your Mike