What is the hidden reality of nature

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Brian Greene

The hidden reality

Parallel universes and the laws of the cosmos
Siedler Verlag, Munich 2012
ISBN 9783827500014
Hardcover, 448 pages, EUR 24.99


Translated from the English by Sebastian Vogel. In his new book, physicist and bestselling author Brian Greene goes on a search for the "hidden reality" in the universe. It shows why there is much to suggest that we are not alone in the vastness of the cosmos, and it describes which parallel worlds the astrophysicists are on the trail of. Like no other, he succeeds in combining cutting-edge physical research with high entertainment value. Universe - this term not only describes space, but includes the totality of all things in our world.
But what if the universe didn't represent the entire world after all? What if there were two, three, even an infinite number of universes? Brian Greene shows in this book that the idea of ​​the multiverse, i.e. several possible universes, is not just material for science fiction novels, but an important field of research in physics that changes our view of the world and our understanding of reality. It describes the variety of possible multiverses, whether they dance like bubbles in mineral water, consist of pure mathematics or are populated with our doppelgangers. Parallel universes - a very exciting topic, not only for astrophysicists, but for everyone who wants to think beyond the limits of our reality.

Review note on Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 2nd, 2012

Reviewer Ulf von Rauchhaupt finds this book about the multiverse theory by the American physicist Brian Greene enlightening. There are already a number of popular science books by prominent physicists devoted to this topic. But in Rauchhaupt's view, Green's "hidden reality" has a number of advantages. It certifies that the professor of theoretical physics has a clear and economical style as well as the ability to explain the essential points in a clear and highly understandable manner. On the other hand, he finds in the book an in-depth discussion of the critics of the assumption of countless parallel universes, a point that is mostly neglected or only touched upon in most other books on the subject.
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