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Mayor Dechant opens the Stefan Zweig Congress

Mayor Dechant opens the Stefan Zweig Congress
Announcement of the establishment of a branch research and memorial facility

Salzburg's mayor and head of cultural affairs, Josef Dechant, opened the 2nd International Branch Congress with a reception in the marble hall of Mirabell Palace yesterday, Wednesday, October 14th. More than 50 participants from all over the world, including well-known branch researchers, have announced themselves to the conference in the Hotel Stein.

Mayor Dechant spoke about the fate of the great European Stefan Zweig and his 15 years in Salzburg. Dechant also recapitulated the efforts of the city of Salzburg to rediscover the poet's legacy and preserve it for the future. An essential instrument for this is, among other things, the Zweig exhibition, which after stops in numerous cities is currently being shown in the Salzburg Museum Carolino Augusteum. Further exhibition dates are already firmly booked, the show is already planned for the next two years. It is then to be incorporated into a branch research and memorial site in Salzburg. Mayor Dechant announced that he had entrusted the city's cultural department with the preparations for such a memorial on the occasion of the branch congress.

On the sidelines of his speech, Dechant also referred to the "counter-event" to the official opening reception: This could never be in the spirit of Stefan Zweig, who had been against exclusion and polarization all his life.

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