What does Wellington CBD mean

Wellington - The Gateway to the South

Wellington is that Capital of New Zealand and the third largest city in the country after Auckland and Christchurch. In 1865 Wellington replaced Auckland as the capital. Wellington, with a little over 200,000 inhabitants, is quite a bit smaller than the megacity of Auckland, but it is much cheaper in the middle of the country, right in the middle of the country South of the north island.

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Wellington: An urban, multicultural city with a lot of power!

Wellington is one of the fastest growing cities in New Zealand. Young people in particular have been drawn to the region for a number of years. The city is nicely situated at the foot of the Rimutaka Mountains on Fitzroy Baywhich is connected to the Cook Strait. This often stormy but picturesque strait separates the North Island of New Zealand from the South Island.

Wellington's waterfront is well stocked with lots of pretty ones Beach cafes, even beaches can be found here and there - in the middle of downtown Wellington!

The City center with its skyscrapers and multi-lane streets, it looks as if someone has cut out a piece of Auckland and moved it south. The young city is littered with street art, modern glass buildings and architectural experiments. The Suburbans however, on the mountain slopes all around are only loosely built with one-story houses and appear much more rural than the urban city center.

My tips for Wellington

This is especially great for a stroll through the city of Wellington's lively heart Cuba Street. The pedestrian zone invites you to stroll with pretty plants, funny shops and some great cafes and restaurants.

When you get hungry around noon, make a detour to Capitol Market! This indoor food market is open seven days a week and focuses on delicious street food from all over the world. Just like Auckland, Wellington is an absolute one Multicultural city. From all over the world, but especially from Asia, more and more people are flocking to the capital - and bringing their country's cuisine with them to New Zealand. At the Capitol Market you can eat your way across the globe, so to speak. Far Eastern menus are particularly numerous here, but there are also Italian, Indian, Mexican and Turkish cuisine here. There is guaranteed to be something for your taste too!

Off to the south!

If you want to travel all over the country, your path is almost guaranteed to follow you Wellington. This is where the ferries that bring thousands of passengers across the Cook Strait from one island to another dock and depart.

The Cook Street is considered the stormiest strait in the world - so you can count on a turbulent crossing! Even if you get a bit queasy in the stomach area, you should definitely not miss the view on deck: The ferry ride takes you through the rugged, unique Fjords the south island. Marlborough Sound and Queen Charlotte Sound are a beautiful sight! The hilly islands are partly covered by grass, partly overgrown with coniferous trees, only a few lonely huts can be seen here and there. On the way through the fjords, keep an eye out for the Lobster farms in the water!

The crossing from island to island takes about three hours. All ferries from the north depart from the port of Picton on, a pretty port city.

Blue bridge

You can do two different Ferry company translate to the South Island.

The Blue Bridge ferries offer private cabins with beds for the crossing. This is especially great if you have decided on the night ferry or if you want to have some peace and quiet after a long journey.

Blue Bridge also has special entertainment options for children. Watch a movie with your dwarfs or enjoy the quiet while they are busy with their new coloring books.


Interislander is the better known ferry company and offers more crossings per day than Blue Bridge. The bus company Intercity offers reduced fares for users of the Flexipass, which is why I chose the Interislander ferry for my crossing to Picton.

These ships are considered a little more noble than the Blue Bridge ferries. The Interislander company operates a total of three ferries. The largest takes up to 1500 people from A to B, the smallest approx. 650. The Interislander ferries have snack bars and play facilities for children as well as a small cinema. Very practical: You can get tablets with natural ingredients at the bars against seasickness!

Both ferries not only transport pedestrians, but also vehicles from motorcycles to campervans. If you are driving your car, you should be at the ferry terminal 60 minutes before departure. If you are a foot passenger, three quarters of an hour is enough. Large suitcases and backpacks must be checked in. You can pick up your bags after arrival at the baggage carousel similar to at the airport.

You shouldn't miss out on these sights in Wellington


Beehive is the name of the state parliament that sits enthroned in Wellington's city center. The building got this nickname because of its interesting architecture traded - and maybe also because of the "hardworking bees" that rule the country from this building.

If you are traveling into town by car, your path will lead you almost directly past the Beehive. A couple of snapshots of this structure are sure to look good in the photo album: After all, here is New Zealand history written!

Weta workshop

Dragons, elves and orcs are brought to life in the Weta Workshop. The workshop was, among other things, for the special effects and special props on the iconic film set Lord of the Rings Trilogy responsible!

Over the last three decades the company's designers and artists gave many world-famous blockbusters that certain pinch of film magic: "King Kong", the "Chronicles of Narnia" and "Avatar" are just a few of them. Regardless of whether you are a thoroughbred hobbit fan or not, the Weta Workshop is an absolute must in Wellington!

The workshop offers a selection of guided tours that will give you the magical World of filmmaking brings very close. Here you can admire the film models, puppets and props of your favorite fantasy films up close and maybe even buy one or the other very special souvenir.

Throughout the year there are tons of representatives of the Hobbit fan base in New Zealand who definitely don't want to miss the Weta Workshop - so booking early is a must. You can easily choose a suitable tour and reserve seats on the Weta Workshop website, but you can also call.

By the way, you will encounter the works of art from the Weta Workshop in a few places in Wellington: The incredibly detailed sculptures in the airport building and the city museum give an idea of ​​how much attention to detail is worked with in the Weta Workshop.

Te papa

Well, Museums there are quite a few in New Zealand and at some point even a museum lover like me will have enough of them. But I would like to warmly recommend the Te Papa Museum in Wellington to you: Take a look!

Te Papa brings you closer to New Zealand's nature, culture and history in a very modern and interesting way. The exhibition about the Gallipoli War at the beginning of the last century is particularly impressive. The queue in front of the entrance can sometimes be quite long, but it's worth queuing! Lots interactive elements and a modern presentation stimulate thought and leave a lasting impression. The highlight are the space-filling models of several soldiers. Weta Workshop has created true masterpieces here. Sculptures I have never seen so much detail - the soldiers look almost alive!

I also really liked the “Passports” department. It illuminates the journey and arrival of the people who emigrated to New Zealand in search of peace and a better life.

If you don't feel like visiting an old-fashioned “just look, don't touch” museum, Te Papa is just right for you! There is also a lot for children to discover and try out here.

This post was written by Charlotte Klein. Charlotte wrote down her experiences for us during her work and travel in New Zealand. Thanks a lot for this!

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