B12 injections help you lose weight

Lose weight with vitamin B12?

It sounds too simple to actually work: An injection regimen with high-dose vitamin B12 should make a strict training program and strict eating restrictions superfluous. According to the US tabloid media, at least stars like Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Lopez practice it. Vitamin B12 is essential for our health. But do injections actually melt our love handles?

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That is how important vitamin B12 is

Vitamin B12 is produced by small organisms. Neither humans, animals nor plants are able to produce the vitamin themselves. Although there are B12-producing microorganisms in our intestines, they do not produce enough of the vitamin to be able to supply the entire organism. Meat eaters take in vitamin B12 through the consumption of animals. Most of the B12 is in innards. Cattle have a special stomach in which vitamin B12 is produced in sufficient quantities. Non-ruminants such as pigs and chickens ingest microorganisms, insects, soil and other sources of vitamin B12 with their grazing, which are lost to humans in the modern western world. People who avoid animal foods must therefore meet their B12 requirements with dietary supplements. The vitamin is usually added to animals from factory farming in artificial form.

The body needs vitamin B12 to stay healthy. It is involved in the production of red blood cells, the function of nerve cells and the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Nucleic acid refers to a compound that is important for inheritance, among other things. A deficiency in vitamin B12 can have severe adverse effects on health.

To the diet trend

In our part of the world, high-dose vitamin B12 in syringes is prescribed by a doctor in the event of a proven deficiency. It is also available in drinking bottles from the pharmacy for more energy and vitality. The weight loss effect is explained by B12 diet fans as saying that the vitamin allegedly accelerates the metabolism and thus more calories are burned. To date, however, there are no studies on an effect on body weight. If you still want to try such a cure (injection solutions are available in the pharmacy), you should definitely discuss the plan with a doctor, as an overdose of B12 is very rare, but can have just as negative consequences as a deficiency. In any case, a healthy diet and regular exercise do not replace vitamin B12.

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