Have you ever wondered what's next?

Translation of "If you ever" in French

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If she ever try to get you to switch sides, give me a chance to match their offer.
Si jamais ils essaient de vous faire quitter le navire, donnez-moi une chance d'égaler leur offre.
The lysine eventuality prevents the animals from spreading, if they ever leave the island.
La contingence de lysine empêche la dissémination des animaux, si jamais ils parviennent à quitter l'île.
I manipulated these gloves so that they emit a destructive signal, if they ever be defused.
J'ai truqué ces gantelets pour émettre un signal destructeur si jamais ils sont désarmés.
If you ever do what need for yourself or your child ...
If you ever do should you need my help, just come and see us.
If you ever do need a brilliant idea, i have one.
Si tu as besoin d'une bonne idée, J'en ai une.
Jessica ... If you ever do a case with Dr. Barnes I'd love to be a part of it.
Jessica to ... si jamais tu as une affaire with Dr. Barnes, je voudrais en faire partie.
If you ever do get closer than a thousand yards to my daughter, then I'll have you locked up for the rest of her life.
If you ever do Change your mind, you know where to find us.
If you ever do Have had a mammogram - if you're old enough to have had a mammogram - you know what's next: pain.
Si vous avez déjà passé une mammographie - si vous êtes assez âgées pour avoir passé une mammographie - vous savez ce qui arrive ensuite: la douleur.
"If you ever do were in a real, living newspaper office ... "
And if they ever should get in contact with each other ... well, I have to tell you, it should be very uncomfortable.
Et, si elles devaient jamais se rencontrer ... eh bien, je dois vous dire, ça ne va pas être joli.
He said that I should give it to you if you ever would appear.
I have a witness now if they ever Tried again to tell me how unbearable I am.
J'ai maintenant un témoin si elle essaie de me dire que je suis insupportable.
Theoretically, they are reminiscent of Orwell and represent a measure which, if they ever put into practice, even George Orwell would probably never have dreamed.
En théorie, ces propositions sont dignes de George Orwell et pour ce qui est de leur mise en pratique, si cela devait arriver un jour, il est probable que même George Orwell ne l'aurait pas imaginé.
Raise your hand if you ever were asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
If you ever do Want to place horse bets ...
If you ever do have the opportunity, please try it out.
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