Why is Sunday dedicated to the Church?

Sunday and its meaning

Why Sunday is called Sunday

Tuesday has nothing to do with service, Thursday has nothing to do with a thunderstorm, work has to be done on Friday - and Sunday? No, this name is not that misleading for once. Sunday is actually dedicated to the sun. Even if it doesn't appear.

The ancient Romans assigned a god to each weekday, in this case the sun god Sol. That is what Sunday is called in Latin this solos - the day of the sun or the day of the Sol. This dedication has been adopted in German and several other languages: in English, for example, is Sunday Sunday.

The Roman calendar

In other languages ​​the church has successfully erased the pagan influence - as in German in the case of Wednesday - and replaced it with a Christian motif. So you can use the French name dimanche translate as “Lord's Day”. The same applies to domenica (Italian), domingo (Spanish) and Kyriakí (Greek).

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Cultural significance

Christianity celebrates Sunday as the most important day of the week. In Christian countries, most shops are closed on this day, people go on excursions or take a rest from the previous day's celebration. Believing Christians attend a service. In Christianity, Sunday is generally associated with the resurrection of Jesus - one of the most important motifs of this religion.

In many Muslim countries and in Israel, Sunday is a normal working day.

The Sunday of the week

In many cultures, including all German-speaking countries, Sunday is the seventh and last day of the week. The international standard ISO 8601 also defines Sunday as the seventh day of the week. In countries like the USA, Canada and Japan, the week starts on Sunday.

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Sunday Holidays

Since Sunday is a holy day in Christianity, this weekday has a particularly large number of public holidays. For many Christians, Easter Sunday is the most important holiday of the church year. The dates of many other holidays that also fall on a Sunday are derived from it, including Palm Sunday (one week before Easter) and Pentecost Sunday (49th day after Easter).

How is the Easter date calculated?

On the second Sunday in May, Mother's Day is celebrated in German-speaking countries. The date in other countries varies.

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