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Re: beware of user mydom

Postby NaN »

nicmare wrote: "take care of my friends"
I guess that came from you in your answer?
Probably that wasn't exactly the fine English way either.
Which is no excuse for this ... "clumsy" behavior of mydom.
I hope you didn't answer that again.

That reflects very well what was discussed in the English forum.
Label. Courtesy. etc...
If you don't feel like giving answers, then you'd better not answer anything.
And when you answer, always be as polite as possible.
It can very well happen that one or the other phrase gets misplaced.
And so you may rock each other up.

This applies to all those who help as well as to all those looking for help.

It happens more and more often that I want to draw people's attention to the search function, for example.
In the end, however, I always decide to go there because I don't think that's necessarily helpful.
I was on the director's forum a while ago and, as a beginner in this field, got excited about such answers.
I know that when people say things like that, they are mostly right.
But if you refer to the search, then you can, for example, name at least a few keywords that you want to search for (often it fails because of the search query alone).

This is just an example now.
I hope mydom comes back from his trip.
After an extensive search in the forum, he will revise his opinion on the willingness to help.

By the way, I didn't mean to say anything bad about the director's forum.
On the contrary.
The guys there helped me a lot.
And no, I wasn't forced to write this ...: :)
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