Are transgender people of biological gender

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Feature films and series

Boys don't cry
Film about the true story of Brendon Teena

Hit & Miss
Series about a trans * contract killer

Film set in Cologne about the gay trans * man Lukas

Film about a child who, contrary to the gender of his birth, poses as a boy

Film about the relationship between a trans * woman and her daughter.


Bush tree, Balian - Blue eyes stay blue
Biography of Balian Buschbaum, former Olympic participant in the pole vault

Fehér, Christine: Body: In the wrong body
Coming-out novel from the perspective of a young trans * man

Different authors - Encounters on the Trans * area
Short stories from the everyday life of trans * people

Internet sites

Federal Agency for Political Education - From Politics and Contemporary History: Gender Identity

German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality e.V.

TransMann e.V.


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