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Make AI easy!

What makes the qualification program "Make AI simple" so unique?
The program aims to identify the innovation potential of AI for your own problems. In addition to theory, the focus is on the elements of doing and networking with other participants, AI talents (tutors) and AI experts.

How much is the workload?
The entire qualification program extends over a period of seven months. You should plan around two hours a week for self-study. In addition, regular networking events are offered. We calculate that you would have to spend around 14 hours per month on the program.

What do you get after each module?
In addition to all of the knowledge and valuable experience and contacts, you will receive a certificate from us for each completed module.

What activities will I be qualified for after participating in the program?
With this program, you will gain extensive knowledge of the possible uses of AI. In addition, you will be able to develop simple AI prototypes on your own. This enables you to initiate and manage AI projects in your own company and, above all, to coordinate cooperation with internal and external AI experts.

What are the requirements for participation?
No professional requirements. Only a high level of motivation to learn is necessary. If, on the other hand, you would like to start directly in module 3, the relevant prior knowledge is of course required. Talk to us briefly.

Can I cancel the course?
Yes. However, the course fees are not refundable. If you participate again in the next batch, the course fees will be charged again.

I'm currently unemployed. Is there a grant?
The course fees cover the costs. With this qualification program, Fraunhofer does not aim to make a profit. Therefore, a cost waiver is not possible. However, you can take part in the “Get to know AI” module free of charge.

Can my employer pay the course fees for me?
Of course yes. This course is aimed at companies that want to invest in their own employees. Especially in the current time, further training and qualification of own employees are important for every company. Ideally, you work on a problem that is relevant to your employer.

I already have theoretical knowledge of AI. Which module should I take part in?
Participants with previous knowledge can take part in the modules »Deepen AI« or »Develop AI use case«.

My company will define a practical problem for participation in the “Develop AI Use Case” module. Can we conclude a nondisclosure agreement?
Yes, please contact us about this.

Who owns the intellectual property in the case of an invention as part of the “Develop AI use case” module?
Fraunhofer experts and AI tutors only have a supporting role. We ask the right questions about what you can find and implement the right solutions. Therefore, you alone own the rights to any inventions that may arise.