Which foods should you buy organic

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Meat products

It is the same with meat, farmed fish and products made from them. Apart from the ethical aspect, which should actually arouse the need in every person to only consume meat products that come from relatively happily living animals, it is now considered to be certain that meat from animals that is appropriate to the species (with grass and herbs instead of grain , Corn and soy) is healthier.


Pickles are one of those fresh foods that do particularly badly in tests. Whole pesticide cocktails should be able to be detected in conventional goods. Hence the common advice to only enjoy peeled cucumbers.

Unfortunately, the coveted vital substances are located under and in the peel, so that organic cucumbers - which can of course be eaten with the peel - offer the double advantage here again: less poison and more content.


Since the peppers have a very thin skin, they absorb pesticides and chemicals very quickly. If you can't get organically grown peppers, safer alternatives such as peas, cabbage (white or red), and broccoli are more advisable.

Spinach and kale

The leaves of spinach and kale are able to absorb up to 48 different pesticides. It is therefore particularly important in this case to only buy organic products or to switch to the alternatives just mentioned (white or red) cabbage, broccoli and peas.


Potatoes can absorb up to 37 chemicals and pesticides. Since there are hardly any other vegetables that have such serious differences in taste between organic and non-organic as potatoes, buying organic is worthwhile in several ways. It should also be noted: Potatoes can also contain pesticides - not only residues of pesticides that are sprayed to repel insects, but also residues of so-called germ inhibitors.


The pumpkin is also known to absorb certain contaminated sites (e.g. dieldrin) from the earth, which is why it should be bought in organic quality. In the health food store you will also find numerous old pumpkin varieties that have not been available in supermarkets for a long time during the pumpkin season.

Green beans

Unfortunately, green beans are also at the top of the residue list, as they can absorb up to 60 different pesticides that are used to repel insects during the vegetable's growth phase.

Please make sure that there are clear differences between organic foods that only meet the EU organic regulation and those that are produced on a farm that is affiliated to an organic cultivation association. We recommend that you choose foods that bear the emblem of an organic farming association (Bioland, Demeter, Naturland, Bio-Suisse, Bio Austria etc.).

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