What can resistance bands be used for?

Fitness bands - resistance bands: Versatile & effective - your mini fitness studio for at home

Resistance bands for strength training - at home or in the gym

With resistance bands you can not only warm up your body very well, but you can also use them to perform effective strength and muscle building training. You can train individual muscles such as the biceps, triceps or the shoulder directly with the resistance bands.

The fitness rubber bands function in a similar way to a cable towing tower, but with the difference that the tensile force or load increases the further the resistance band is pulled apart.

When doing exercises with your own body weight, the fitness band serves to increase the resistance and in this way to set a more intense muscle stimulus. When doing a push-up, for example, you can stretch a fitness band from one hand over your back to the other hand - this makes it much more difficult to perform the exercise.

In this way, the fitness bands are the smallest fitness studio in the world and can be taken anywhere. The gym is closed? Then just do your strength and muscle building training at home with a fitness band set.