How strange is your strangest friend

Worst, most uncomfortable or weirdest place to stay?

An initially-panic-and-not-being-able-to-sleep-in-hindsight-it-was-but-crazy-funny-story happened in August on vacation in London.

My girlfriend and I stayed in an 8 bed room. We went back to the hostel in the evening after a stressful day, no one there, although new, unknown people moved into the room that day.
At some point I fell asleep, but not for long because at some point during the night the other room occupants (five young guys, all drunk) came in one after the other with a loud bang (it was dark, after all, they didn't turn any lights on).
At first I was able to suppress the noise and snoring until I heard my friend's quiet, whispering voice louder and louder.
“White! … White! Are you awake? ”“ Mhmm. ”“ Wake up. I think there's something in the room here! "" Mhmm mhmm. "" Under you it was just grudging and rustling your muesli the whole time. Everything is spread out on the floor here! ”So, slowly I began to prick up my ears and wake up. “How now?” “Yeah, your muesli flew across the room, it's now everywhere. And I saw something jump away too! "
Ok, I was starting to panic. At first I thought she meant a frog, but that would have been a little unlikely on the fifth floor in London. And frogs don't eat muesli either ... The next thought was: Rat!
Zack, I sat upright in bed and illuminated the floor with my mobile phone display. There was cereal everywhere! And then I heard it rustling ... Until the last drunk rushed into the room. He was really nice, we talked briefly and then told him that there must be a mouse / rat in the room. My girlfriend and I panicked a bit, but also had to laugh because the guy didn't want to believe us either. So it got a bit louder and the other guys woke up too. But none of them wanted to believe us either. When it rustled under me again, I saw the little mouse in the light of the flashlight, the guy and my girlfriend too. The next morning she was very cute in our eyes - at night, a little overtired, she was a huge monster for us, contaminated by parasites and deadly diseases.
I couldn't and didn't want to sleep in the lower bed, so I asked the last guy to pull up the bars under the bed, to dispose of the cereal and to catch the mouse. Meanwhile, I had saved myself in his bed above my girlfriend's. Since all three of us had to laugh and talked around in English - the guy was still so wonderfully incredulous about the little mouse - all the other four guys were awake too and made fun of us. But in a nice way. My friend said then that she suddenly heard it crackling and jumped up too. Since I no longer wanted to give up my bed and my friend no longer wanted to go to hers, the boys took pity on them and gave us their beds.
I then lay in bed like a board, the blanket pressed very close to my body and as far away from the wall as possible - after all, mice are very good climbers! - and was almost asleep again when suddenly the guy whose bed I had stolen and whom we found as brave as he wanted to catch the mouse stood there and said he couldn't sleep downstairs, the mouse would make him Anxiety. Him, the 28 year old, big guy !? (That I was scared myself was irrelevant at the moment ... I think he probably just wanted to cuddle.) I told my girlfriend that in German, laughing, and the end of the song was bed-hopping at its best: I got out out of mine, up into his, girlfriend out of hers, up into someone else's bed, he in hers, guy out of my bed out of my bed, girlfriend in mine, he into his friend's bed.
So then we, my girlfriend and I, were squeezed together with a duvet in the upper bed in the hostel room. Then there was no more sleep.
Was a bit grueling and uncomfortable all night, but also quite fun.