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Logan - The Wolverine Review

@ luhp92:

In fact, the MJ criticism appeals to me less than yours, it is altogether too positive for me, and when MJ speaks of a "worthy graduation", I cannot quite agree with it. Another point I would like to mention is that I just find it a shame how important events for the X-Men saga like the Westchester incident take place and are mentioned, but they are not shown or described in detail. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Sure, this decision can be declared as the art of film, it is not also the case with (crime) theater that the worst should take place in the mind of the audience, but for me as a Marvel fan and comic book reader who enjoyed watching the series, that's enough simply not.

Because of overwriting the timeline; don't worry, as a long-time comic consumer I have no problem finding my way through all the timelines, parallel universes and dimensions, so don't worry, that's not an issue in a 10-part film series with a (!) time travel in my case; )

Which is why the whole thing weighs much more heavily, because "Logan" really looks like the time travel has been skipped. How do I fix this? Small spoilers ahead: Charles and Logan talk about the "Statue of Liberty thing", which suggests that at least "X-Men" happened in the new timeline, by and large, as it was directed by Bryan Singer . There is also a cut scene in which, when Charles, Logan and Laura are sitting at the table with the friendly family, Logan is asked by them if he is married, whereupon the mentally confused Charles replies that he actually had a wife, but she did was killed by Logan. Of course he means Jean Gray, whom he has in mind as Logan's great love, but interprets her retrospectively as his wife because of his condition. And where does Logan kill Jean? In "X-Men: The Last Stand", while 6 years before "Logan" she can be found alive and well in Charles' school. By the way, Mangold did not cut out the scene to prevent the attentive audience from frowning, but simply because it was too gloomy for him in the context of the scene, he wanted to make dinner a little rest and relaxation before fate hard again Strikes in the form of X-24. Finally to "The Wolverine", which, as you have to be aware, is the only film in the X-Men series that was directed by James Mangold alongside "Logan"; the samurai sword, which plays an important role in "The Wolverine", hangs clearly visible in Logan's dwelling on the Mexican border. A small reference to Mangold's first film in this franchise, which, despite time travel, does not make it completely meaningless. But if Logan was a teacher at Charles' school for all these years, and Jean is still alive through 2023, how is the events of "The Wolverine" supposed to have happened in the first place? These facts led me to the statement you quoted that it seems that Mangold tramples DoFP or does not know it at all.

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