What are the rules of the sport

The rules for the sport since May 19th

The number of infections is falling, the world of sports is on the way to normal in these challenging times.

The actual Ordinance of the Ministry of Health provides that singles and doubles in the traditional sense, tournaments as well as indoor and outdoor group training will be possible in tennis since 19 May. Thus, inter alia the General Class and Seniors team championships start in all federal states as well as the General Class and Seniors Bundesliga.

The Ministry of Health also stipulates in this ordinance until June 30th that the prerequisite for entering the non-public sports facilities in all areas of the sports world is "evidence of a low epidemological risk". This means that you can only enter the tennis facilities if you have been tested, vaccinated or recovered (3G rule). Self-tests on the facility are recognized as well as school tests; this proof is not required for children under 10 years of age. The 3G rule makes it possible to visit the restaurants and use the wet rooms and showers in the clubs again.

The ÖTV and the state associations will continue to campaign intensively for tennis, the clubs and members and demand further opening steps so that tennis can return to normal in these challenging times.

Here you will find the detailed rules of conduct that were drawn up on the basis of the ordinance of the Ministry of Health and that are valid for tennis.



Have fun on the courts!

Stay healthy!