Does religion promote crime?

Those who exercise violence in the name of religion act "not in faith, but out of hatred"

KAICIID's Board of Directors issued the following statement today following the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils on August 17, 2017:

“We are shocked by yesterday's news of the brutal terrorist attacks against innocents in Spain. Our condolences and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones and friends in these attacks, as well as all people in Barcelona and Cambrils and the entire Spanish people.

We are facing increasing violence by terrorists against the innocent. We reaffirm our conviction that anyone attempting to justify violence through the manipulation of religious teachings is acting out of hatred rather than belief. Terrorists who abuse religion to win others over to their cause are committing a crime against their beliefs. All those who believe that religion has a right to use violence against the innocent have been deceived by others in order to exploit them.

The people of Spain are staunch friends of dialogue and steadfast in their belief in the benefits of diversity and difference. This commitment to peace will be stronger than the attacks of these perpetrators who try to use violence to stir up fear and hatred. We stand by the people in Spain in these sad times. "

Spain is a founding member of the International Dialog Center (KAICIID)

Via KAICIID's Board of Directors

The International Dialog Center (KAICIID) is an intergovernmental organization that strengthens dialogue between various religious and cultural groups to promote justice, peace and reconciliation and to counter the abuse of religion to justify violence. The center is run by a multi-religious directorate made up of representatives from five religions - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

They are in alphabetical order: Dr. Hamad Al-Majed, Dr. Kezevino Aram, His Excellency Bishop Miguel Ayuso, His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel, Dr. Sayyed Ataollah Mohajerani, Pastor Kosho Niwano, Pastor Mark Poulson, Chief Rabbi David Rosen, Dr. Mohammad Sammak.