Is licorice good for weight loss

Diet: licorice and chewing gum - sweets that make you slim

Are you one of those people with a sweet tooth who find it hard to resist sweets? Unfortunately, excessive snacking quickly makes itself felt on the scales. But there is good news: if you choose figure-friendly treats, you don't have to worry about your weight. There are even sweets that can help you lose weight. Italian researchers from Padua found out that regular consumption of liquorice melts bacon rolls. In test subjects who ate a piece of liquorice every day for two months, the body fat percentage dropped significantly. Absolutely no sugar is not necessary anyway. Anyone who only licks sweets from time to time and chooses them skilfully can nibble without a guilty conscience.

Snacking on low caloriesFigure-friendly alternatives

Chewing gum stops the urge to snack

Of course, sweets are always a question of taste. If you don't like licorice, you should try chewing gum during your next ravenous hunger attack. According to an English study, mint-flavored chewing gum can satisfy the desire for sweets. Another advantage: Chewing also combats frustration or boredom snacking. Because if you have something between your teeth, you don't need anything else at first.

Treat yourself to something every now and then

If you want to save calories, you should consider the energy and fat content of sweets. In addition to licorice and chewing gum, gummy bears and wine gum are relatively low in calories, as they do not contain any fat. For comparison: a gummy bear has only 5 kilocalories (kcal), a piece of chocolate around 30 kcal. There is a lower-calorie alternative to almost all sweets. So if you make the right choice, you don't have to go without it. On the contrary, treat yourself to a little treat every now and then before the cravings break out. Then there is a very high risk of falling uncontrollably on the biggest calorie bombs.

Fruit bars as an alternative

If you just need something sweet, you can also use fruit bars. These consist of pureed dried fruits that are pressed between two wafers. As a rule, they do not contain any additional sugar or chemical additives. Another advantage: the bars contain at least some of the valuable fruit ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, it makes sense to take a look at the label: Bars with almonds, nuts or honey can turn out to be calorie bombs.

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