What should i eat to save money

Cheap food: save money and still eat healthily

In order to bring cheap food that is still healthy to the table, there are just a few things you need to consider. With our tips you not only save money, but also waste less food.

This is how cheap food comes to the table

If you observe the following points, you can significantly reduce your expenditure on groceries.

  • Offers: Look at the current brochures of the shops and look for items that are offered at a lower price every week.
  • Discounter: You also save money if you do most of your shopping at the discounter and only buy special items that you cannot find there in other supermarkets.
  • Shopping list: make a meal plan and write a shopping list. Only buy the items that are on the list. Tip: It helps if you don't shop on an empty stomach. This will avoid impulse purchases out of cravings.
  • Cooking: Cook yourself and do not buy ready-made products. On the one hand, finished products are more expensive than fresh goods and also not as healthy.
  • Water: Drink tap water. The quality of our drinking water is good and there is no need to buy water. For example, pour yourself a cup of tea with fresh ginger in between.

Save even more money with these tips

In addition, you can save more euros with these tips:

  • Canned foods and dry products such as pasta, flour and sugar can be stored without any problems. So take action when there are good offers.
  • It is ideal if you pre-cook dishes. If you have a freezer, you can freeze meals in portions.
  • Acquiring a vacuum sealer can be useful. This allows fresh products such as fruit, vegetables and meat to be sealed airtight and last longer. This is especially useful if you do not have a freezer.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables seasonally. Then these foods are cheaper. We have a seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables that you can use as a guide.

Video tip: You save electricity with these purchases

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